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THE car is a 1990 legacy L with the 4EAT


ok so....I have many problems with the car although I somehow fear that some are related


1)does anybody know (other then a fuse) what could be causing the lighting behind the center section of the dash to go out...(specifically .....the indicator of the car doors being open, what gear I am in, and the power and manual buttons) None of these work at any time however when I use the high beams they show up on the picture of the car.


2) I need 1 fixed so I can move to two... I want to perform legacy777's self diagonostic test but am unable to considering nither the manual or power lights come on. The reason I want to do this is becuase of the 2-3 shift goes like this: being let out of 2 ...then seconds later dropped into 3. No change in rpm's btw...just what would otherwise be normal. I thought this might be soleiniod B becuase I also have problems with the TC where it feels like the tranny is fighting itself at low speeds when starting to accelerate. and sometimes under hard acceleration it feels like the transmission is slipping so if that helps diagnose.


3) anybody ever have issues where the doors lock automatically when opening the drivers door??? I can stop this by holding it open but it is annoying that it does that...plus the rear doors almost open ..then lock so that you have to unluck them agian to open fully ( the part about the doors is from the inside only!)



Also both the dome light and the light by the fusebox seem to have moods..(as in...they sometimes work properly sometimes just go in and out...I can't figure out what is triggering them) just in case anybody has ran into that problem.


Thank you to anybody that has info on any of these issues

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Just a guess here but I think several of your problems could be caused by bad grounds/cold solder joints.

Some pulling/pushing/twisting on some cables under the dash and elsewhwere may help locate a trouble area.


hopefully others will have more specific info.




1 Lucky Texan

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