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Tail lights and front running lights won't go off

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Yesterday I had a crazy thing happen to my 88 GL Wagon.

I got in and drove normally, but when I stopped and then turned off the ignition, the taillights and front marker lights stayed on. I played around with the light switch on the end of the turn signal switch and the ignition switch, but no combination seems to shut them off. With the light switch in the on position which is where I usually leave it, the headlights come on and off with the ignition switch just like they are supposed to, but the taillights always stay on.


The turn signals, stoplights and 4-way flashers seem to work just fine.


I've got a couple of shop manuals with wiring diagrams, but I haven't looked in them yet. I figured I would ask around just in case someone out there has a clue about what may be happening.


For now, I've been unhooking the battery cable every time I'm not using the car.




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Thanks guys :)

That is exactly what it was.

On my car, it's a little black switch located on top of the steering column with a little light symbol. I've never even noticed it before. I must of bumped it when I was wiping the dust of the dash or something.


You wouldn't believe how many times I've had to pop the hood and remove or replace the battery cable in the last 24 hours.


This site is great !!



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Some call it:


The virgin switch




The n00b switch


It gets almost everyone at least once.. Even me :D

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