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Pull A Part Update

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you guys must be discussing a PAP up north or something...because if there were that many soobs at PAP down here i would have a yard full of used parts just waiting for something to break.


i work at another yard and can totally understand the frustration of the people at PAP....i have to mark some parts in so many places that i almost can't write small enough....(i have a paint marker....neener, neener, neener:-p )


BTW people, i HAVE found where to get the pens online but i only use them when a part is broken and i need to return it but the paint has worn off with installation..... im too paranoid to steal parts anyway because i know that if i steal a wiper fluid resevoir by marking it and taking it back - my motor will blow up and the wiring in the car will catch fire.


just to clear things up.

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I go to a place called A-1 Salvage in Colorado Springs they have 8 of my year (86) I have "raped" so many parts from those my machine is starting to look like frankenstien My interior now looks like new. If only I could find a front driver side seat thats like new... mine looks ok but its dissolving. That styrofoam was not made to last the car hehe...

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