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Wipers blowing fuses!!! HELP it's snowing again

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i replaced a blown fuse, hoping that was my problem. i proceeded to turn the wipers on and the fuse blew right away, not even a "jump" from the wipers. is it a bad motor or maybe a short somewhere?

please, HELP ME, i hate using the damn squeegee out the window method :clap: when it is so damn cold out here.



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A fuse will blow for 2 reasons...


1. Too much load (ie. motor or mech. is binding)


2. short to ground.


Check the wires for the wiper motor where they pass thourgh the body to see if the insulation has rubbed off and is causing a short. Check the connectors for water inside.


Check the wiper mechanisms for binding, rust, etc. My brothers VW fox wagon used to rust up in the swimg arm from the motor to the wiper arms. We had to spray it with penetrate oil and work it back and forth while powering the motor directly off the battery.


Hope this helps.



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