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Tex, about your front struts

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Hey guy. Your car looks good with the Impreza wheels on it, MEATY.


When I swapped out my RX factory stuff with the XT6 parts in the front, The ride height was dropped by about 2".


Now, not that I'm going mud bogging or anything, but the height difference has got me hesitating on the whoopdies on my favorite gravel roads and I'm not liking the "tarmac stance" as much as I thought. Hinders balls out blasts down the single tracks.


Would you tell me about your front suspension and how you got to where you are now? ie, What struts did you use, spring compatability, top of the strut? Etc.


Thanks for the rundown in advance.



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ok, here's how it goes in the front:


STock RX top mounts (strut tops)

Stock RX springs

Stock 2.5rs struts (came without springs or tops, thus the reason why i reused my old ones)

XT6 lower arm, tie rod ends, spindle, front sway bar...


The springs are not as wide as the impreza perches, but they seem to seat just fine anyways. I'm probally going to get some tein s-tech front WRX lowering springs (used maybe $15-$20) and swap those in. I think that will bring my front end down. I'd prefer it to be a little bit lower.


Eventually, I will be taking my strut mount holes at the top (in engine bay) and redrilling and rotating so it matches the modern impreza way. After that comes about a grand worth of neat adjustable coilovers at all 4 corners. That way I can get the lowered stance for the street, with the nice performance of some really stiff springs. And, if the occasion arises i need some more ground clearance (rallyx) I can crank them up a bit, and soften the load rating. I'll probally go with Tein on these... they seem to be always for sale used on NASIOC.


Side question... Did you put the xt6 rear sway bar in? I didn't, and I now have no "push" going into corners. In fact, its a lot easier to kick the arse end out on anything more than damp pavement and full throttle.

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Tex, I did put the bigger XT6 swarbar on the rear of my RX.


Can really say how it's changed from stock because I never drove the car before the swap, at least not in anger..

I doubt the way it handles now is a good comparison because both rear shock are completely blown. Car is apart as we speak.


With the bad rear shocks the car handles fairly neutral, more on the understeer side to be honest.

I think with no damping in the rear I have alot of weight transfer from rear to front that I won't have when I put the new shocks on the back. I have the original bar for the rear, a 2wd XT6 bar, and a 4WD bar (same?)in the garage so I'll be tweeking when it's up and running. Have three for the front too.

I let you know when I finish my rebuild and finally get to drive it again.


Thanks for the info on the front struts. Did your ride height change in the front at all? What year RS did you use?



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