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Long time Ago I wanted to install a Stereo CD Player + Radio unit on both my Subaru Wagons, the ER27 (H6 2.7) and the EA82 ("BumbleBeast") and, since the Newer Stereo Units are Larger than the Old Ones, they'll come outside around one or two inches from the Dash, Also they will Stay Directly in front very near of the Shifter Knob, and that is a Problem, especially when shifting fast to third gear. th_frown.gif

So, I did This Idea: th_thidea.gif

it is a Wooden Frame, Cutted in a 45º Angle to make the Look of a Original Mounting, in that Way, nobody notices the 2 inches elongation outside the dashboard. I Painted it to mate the Dashboard's Original Colour.

And I did Cut Down the Shifter Too! ... 4.gif ... Not only for the Looks, it has many advantages, like shorter shifting travels, but the main reason was to Avoid Hitting the Stereo Unit while doin' a "Fast & Furious" kind of Shifting, especially to Third Gear ... 40109.gif ... also to Avoid Hitting the Passenger's Knee ... hissyfit.gif ...

I Was About to Finish a Drawing explaining the Wiring Diagram, because I changed the Stock plug and added a Custom Plug while separated the Speakers' ground
(Newer units needs fully independent wires) but I Found that the wiring is already very Good Explained here, in this same section of the USMB by another member, so I only will tell you this tips:


Don't forget the Shared Ground for Both Left Speakers, and the Other Side's Shared ground for both Right Speakers; you must rewire them to independent ground on each Speaker, in order to avoid problems with the built-in Amplifier.


As far as I know, each Speaker comes wired independently from factory, but there is a place behind the Glove Box, on the Wiring Harness, where the Factory merged the Grounds for each side. You can track down the point and rewire the part from the New Stereo's Plug to the Wiring Harness.


Kind Regards. th_burnout.gif

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I Attached an original intel Pentium III Processor's Fan (12 Volts + Ball Bearings) inside the Dashboard's Compartment for the Stereo unit; I placed the fan in the Top, held in place with Zip Ties to the Air Conditioner Vent out.

Stereo Units 
-Usually- has a Yellow  Wire that gets Power when you Switch  "ON"  the Unit, it's Intended for Power Antenna, or external Amplifiers'  "ON"  Signal, but I wired it to said Fan, in order to to Keep the Unit Cool, and it Works Great! th_burnout.gif

That setup already has many years of Everyday use at Mid range Volumes ... (Sometimes Louder with Iron Maiden) 4.gif ... And Works Flawlessly!

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Here are Images of the Wooden Stereo Trim I've done on Both my Wagons, For Illustration.


A Image Woth 1,000 Words, so:


Front View, Wooden Trim Already Painted,


With the Metallic Stereo Unit's Base already Glued:





Rear View:





Side View:






Stereo Unit Already in, Front View.


Without Detachable Face






Stereo Unit Already in: Rear View.


Notice how the Stereo Unit Rest over the Wooden base





This is How does Look the Dashboard's compartment:


Look Carefully for the 12V Pentium III Fan is Attached Upside to Cool the Unit,

(It Turns On Along with the Unit, usin' the Power Antenna wire)

and the Custom Plug on the Car





And Finally, This is the Unit, Already Installed and Workin' Fine:





My Weberized EA82 (Former White Wagon) is now my "BumbleBeast" and It has this Sony Xplod Stereo unit That Plays Mp3 / Wma \ Audio CD, along with AM, FM, SW1 and SW2 Radio; while my ER27 (dead) Wagon, Got the Jensen CD4010K stereo unit on the first photo of the first post above, which only is AM / FM \ CD Player.


I Hope those Images and Ideas Could Help...

Kind Regards.

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