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EA-82 rebuild questions

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Hey All,


Due to the worn clutch I Finally bit the bullet and pulled the engine on my 86 4X4 GL Wagon. I am cutting my teeth on this bullet as this is my first EA-82 rebuild. Now that I have it down to the short block I guess I should ask some questions.


Block: 200,000 on the block. Time to rebuild or just reseal? Compression is good and I can still see the crosshatch on the cylinder walls, but since I have it out and the heads off.... -->How many more miles should she have in her?


Heads: Send em out or do em myself? This will be a daily driver and will be "weberized" for better gas milage and more power. Should I just replace the wear parts or does the weber and "modified" (catless) exhaust call for headwork. I have up to 100$ budgeted for the heads.


I will be doing all the normal rebuild stuff: Clutch kit, H2O pump, thermostat, oil pump, T-belts and tensioners and of course the weber. :brow:






86 4X4 GL D/R Wagon

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send out the heads if you can find a low cost machine shop. I trust a freshly resurfaced head with a real valve job over a home clean up job.

as for that block. machining it would be a bit expensive if you can find some one to do it.


I would just do a overhaul if all things are within specs. new rings and bearings.

there are a few tricky parts when tearing down the short block. you have a repair manuel correct? you will need it.

things that troubled me were getting the 14 mm wrist pin plugs out and then the pins. some creativity is needed here.

if the head gaskets are still stuck to the block you will miss the last hidden case bolt in the middle. (not that I ever had that problem)

its a bit tricky to properly seal the case during the reassembly. you have to be really carefull where the sealant goes as you can plug the oil pump passages if too much in the wrong place is applied.

you need a good 3/8 torque wrench.

good luck and welcome:wave:

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Personally... if you really think the block is in good shape I'd just get the heads done and and do all the seals and stuff... then again thats because I dont know how to tear the engine down beyond the short block. Just TO it.


200K eh? Its still a baby :D

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