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Will these fit my loyale after drilling

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any standard six lug (toyota,chevy,nissan,isuzu)is what you are looking for.i do not know chevy, but i am thinking the 6 lug back then is a little different...probably not though.


the easiest way to tell is to either measure for 6x5.5 (center to center) ,or take a subaru hub and knockout two of the lugs then see if it fits.i did that to a hub and just took it with me everywhere i was likely to run into rims .


there are alot of questions answered up top of this(offroad) forum.FAQ......i had some charts a long time ago , but i do not think they got stickied.

cheers, brian


edit:there is no sticky.the search is ok,but i would just browse the posts.




these are a couple of places that you can get started with a bunch of basic info.but , specifically the subarubrat page leads to a link that is for six lugging your wheels, or hubs, i can't remember.look there.there is other info that your gonna want anyway.

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If it is from a 4 wheel drive chevy your ok, if it is 2wd your going to have a hell of a time, the center hub is smaller than the rear hub rib and you will have to grind the wheels or the rib on the drum. As for the front you will also have to grind the centering nubs on the front hub, its a lot of work but if its all you got to work with you can make it happen.



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