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  1. Thanks! I converted the dash and HVAC over to red led this weekend, and installed a Clarion head unit as well. It matches up well with the components that came with the wagon. It was also pre-wired for an amp, so I hooked up one I had sitting in the garage with an 8" woofer. It is a good improvement!
  2. The brakes are nice for sure. It already has just about everything I could possibly want already, including a 6 speed. I will probably just redo the radio and take care of the regular maintenance stuff like... valve cover gaskets, timing belt, etc... j.
  3. TheYeti

    Hello from Colorado

    Welcome. The older Outbacks (I had a '97) and Foresters are great. You just need to know what to look for. Try to find one that has had the head gasket work done and you should be ok. j.
  4. As some of you know, I recently parted ways with Grover, my old '86 GL hatchback. I ended up finding a good deal on a Sedona Red Pearl 02 WRX wagon. Needless to say I will be paying a little more attention to the newer gen forums going forward Just wanted to share a couple of pictures:
  5. This is nothing exciting at all, but I will post anyway: filled up and got 32.3 on the tank. I also filled the radiator since the antifreeze was a little low. "Yay"? j.
  6. I think 195/55 range would work. A 205/50 might fit as well.
  7. Thanks for the replies on the lock/ignition issue, all. Probably just going to get a used one with a key for now. I will get the old one repaired at some point j.
  8. It got stuck again... so replacement is probably best at this point. Question for you all: is it easier to just grab an ignition switch and key from a junker, or is this a part I can actually order and replace? I would rather not have to use two keys (door, and ignition) but it seems unavoidable now.
  9. My ignition switch would not release. I couldn't turn the car off let alone get the key out. Sprayed some Tri-Flow into the cylinder the other day and the problem seems to be fixed for now.
  10. Nothing exciting, but it always feels good to get things back to working order. Replaced/ fixed the window crank handle that I broke while trying to install sound deadening on the front driver's door. Drilled out and replaced a bolt that snapped off while removing the rear seat bottom. Thanks for the help Shawn. j.
  11. TheYeti

    I literally found a Brat

    Welcome! That is a cool looking Brat for sure. Enjoy. j.
  12. TheYeti

    Someone talk me out of it - quick!

    Why not try plastidip (or whatever it is). If you hate, just peel it off and be done with it.
  13. TheYeti

    Aftermarket stereo install

    Your adapter looks good!
  14. Claybar and a wax over the weekend. Just tossing these in here:
  15. I really can't wait to see your hatch! I may end up taking mine to Greg at SloDrive. He made some brakets for a friend's GL coupe using Miata seats. They mount up to the stock locations and it looks great.