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  1. Do you still have the axles and distributor?

  2. Suberstar88


    I got one, comes with burnt 3AT,4 seats,wheels, body, rolling chassis, all glass. Plus, I only live about 2 miles from you...
  3. Cant say much except listen...WOW! New inspiration http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOSk7qj7oJk
  4. Suberstar88

    EA82 engine help

    She is going to be my snow and mud mobber, I have heard mud clump can dislodge the belts >.< anyone have experiance with that? Because im tired of taking those P.O.S plastic covers off
  5. Suberstar88

    EA82 engine help

    Thx guys, Im sure it had abit of oil pressure to get the lifters from tapping. And i can turn the oil pulley, however there are 2 spots where it slightly clicks or catches. The timing belts didnt look horrific, just figured they would last asleast 1k miles to test the engine out >.< Guess i should throw a set of new belts and see what that pump is doing. And as far as scoring, 3/4 cylinder walls have crosshatch, 1 is slightly scored, but has no depth. Im just a backyard teenage mechanic, trial and error I suppose.
  6. So I have a problem on my hands, I picked up a nice 86 wagon d/r, $150. But the motor had been overheated to the point of melting timing belt covers, it had also blown a headgasket. I began to tear the engine down to replace the headgaskets and discovered a rocker arm had dislodged itself from place(lifter was super loose). I skeptically assembled the engine back together with fresh headgaskets and newer lifter, Got her timed up with the old belts and then she ran like a beast!...with no oil pressure. Said hell with it im driving you, hoping for a faulty guage. After a 20 min drive the driver side t-belt snapped, would oil pump seizure cause the belt to break, or the re-tensioning of old belts? First time I have done any engine work to that extent. Basically just want some opionions please=)
  7. Suberstar88

    what do ya think

    Well, if u want to have zero fenders yes. But it looks like the rust has taken care of most that
  8. Suberstar88

    Subie: My 92 Loyale

    Thats why you get a 5 spd d/r=)
  9. Suberstar88

    My Wifes New Wheeler

    I hope that isnt your wife in the front seat... jk, nice ride and sweet dog.
  10. Suberstar88

    ea82 gun rack

    Heres what were dealing with, Where have others mounted their guns? I like the behind the seat idea.
  11. Suberstar88

    ea82 gun rack

    Never have my rifle in my car if im not in it, i dont take it to run erands in town. only time im using a gun rack is when im mobbing in the woods or chasin down big mulies so theft is not an issue.
  12. Suberstar88

    ea82 gun rack

    Was thinking of gun rack ideas for my ea82 wagon build, came across http://www.discountramps.com/car-pet-barriers.htm, Anyone have experiance with any of these things in an ea82, think it would be strong enough to suspend an SKS? Anony homemade builds of similar type? Think it would be slick looking lol:Flame:
  13. Saw a pic of youre black wagon on the offroad fourm, thats slick man. Was that taken with the 2'' you were possibly willing to sell? if so thats perfect.

  14. Suberstar88

    Grabber AT2s Vs. Big Horn Vs. Swampers:

    You can find hankock dynapro's m/t in 215/75/15r, Surprised nobody has brought them up, they are fantasticly quiet, so ive heard. They are on my neighbors brat and look great, and for a set of 4 you are looking at about $600-700
  15. Suberstar88

    new girl!

    +1 what corvette said, AWD is what makes the almighty subaru a beast, and why the honda prelude cowers like a small puppy.