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  1. Looking for front pass seat royal blue. 1986 to 1992 (Loyale or Gl)

    I only need original fabric cover in reasonable condition or better.


  2. Three weeks away-register now! Let me know if you have questions!
  3. $30 shipped for the shift knob? shipped to 48092?

  4. We are excited to announce Salish Cliffs Golf Course of Little Creek Casino as our title sponsor. They are a big help in making this event possible. They are giving away two golf packages, a round of golf at their brand new world class course for four, valued at approximately $300 each as door prizes! Little Creek Casino is hosting a reception for us in their Skookum Spirit Lounge as a private event and providing appetizers, anybody coming to the event please join us! They are also giving us a room rate at $70! this is a great deal, we have a block of 20 rooms so book early and we can add additional rooms if needed. Thanks SALISH CLIFFS GC & LITTLE CREEK CASINO!!! We are announcing these additional sponsors in no particular order and will have full details soon: Hanson Subaru, Olympia, WA SubaruGenuineParts.com Pacific Import Auto Delta Cams & Custom Import Heads Door Prize: $200 off cam service and $200 off head service Additional door prizes: 1 track day with Ridge Racing School Racing Helmet Driving Gloves We will be announcing additional sponsors and door prizes daily! If you are a potential sponsor and have interest in participating in this event, please contact me directly.
  5. Subaru High Performance Driving Track Day Ridge Racing School & Drive the Line Motorsports LLC brings you high a performance track day and track driving school event at the new Ridge Motorsports Park 2.5 mile road course. Where: Ridge Motorsports Park near Shelton, Washington www.ridgemotorsportspark.com When: June 29th Schedule: Gates opens at 7:00 am. Registration is from 7:00 am to 8:30 am. Driver meeting is at 8:30. First cars on track at 9:00 am Catered lunch is provided Registration: www.ridgeracingschool.com/product-category/special-events/ Come experience performance driving in a controlled environment at the new Ridge Motorsports Park track. Subaru enthusiasts are encouraged to attend the inaugural Subaru High Performance Driving Day at the Ridge. Registration is limited so please register soon. For new drivers: A Special Subaru Day High Performance Driver Education Our one-day course in high performance driving is the perfect way to learn to “drive the Ridge” and build skills that make you a better driver on the street. The program includes: Classroom training to build your driving knowledge Over 2 hours of professional instruction driving The Ridge This is the beginning program in our skill development ladder for those who want to learn sport driving and/or go on and earn a racing license. A Ridge Racing School Logbook and term glossary Let our professional instructors help you “get up to speed” in a way that meets your high performance driving goals. Price $399 For experienced drivers: A Special Subaru High Performance Driving Day (Lapping Day) · Full day high performance driving events for drivers who have completed our one-day program and/or have completed a similar program · Perfect for any skill level with run groups for intermediate, advanced drivers, and race car drivers · At least 2 hours of track time guaranteed · Run group specific instructional tips and techniques between on track sessions · Private coaching available by session, half or full day · Event price $249 COACHING: Experienced coaches will be on hand to offer tips on the track to help you get up to speed quickly. Coaches are also available for hire by the session, half day, and full day. One session $89, half day $169, fully day $349 Registration is limited so please register soon! For more information please Contact: drivethelinemotorsports@gmail.com
  6. REGISTRATION HERE >>>>http://ridgeracingschool.com/product-category/special-events/ I’m involved in organizing a Subaru track day, this is an opportunity for our Subaru community to get together and have some fun. This event will be at Ridge Motorsports Park, a brand new, world class road course located in Shelton, Washington in conjunction with Ridge Racing School on Friday June 29th 2012. · Experienced race car and track day drivers are welcome to bring their equipment to run laps. From stock street car to full blown race monsters. · There will be a limited opportunity for brand new drivers with no previous experience to work towards the ability to run open track days, if you are brand new to track driving consider entering early. · We will have select Subaru-centric vendors for your support and pleasure. · There will be door prizes, some very good ones I might add. · Lunch will be provided. I will be back next week with all the details: · Price · Requirements to qualify for participation · Start Time · End Time · Initial Door Prizes, we will be adding door prizes along the way! · Preliminary Vendor List · Registration Information We are shooting for around 100 cars, we have the track all day so bring your car and tell you friends!
  7. Hey saw an old post that you may have a rear hatch door for sale. I am in need of it and would love to buy it if you can ship it to me in NC. I'll pay for everything. let me know!!

  8. I'm south of you, near Woodland......I DO need that right front bezel light for my 83 GL wagon, 4wd......four headlights. email me at egowing@tds.net

  9. Hi Dane,

    I don't have a hatch anymore, still have a couple bits, no glass or body parts. I might still have a front bumper or a push bar, I would have to look. Where are you located?


  10. Justin (shankinpickle) tells me that you might have a hatchback parts car. If so, are you willing to part with some or all of it. I am specifically looking for a 86 2door hatchback with good drivers door glass but could make use of some other body parts.





  11. XSNRG

    Extra cab brat anyone?

    haha-thats my old brat-I can't believe it lives on-good on ya mate! I'm glad you fixed the core support, the fender was holding up the whole front of the car! I'm glad to see you are fixing it, I had a lot of fun with the car. I really like your extra cab mod, that is really sweet, great innovation with available parts! I have a 86 that is in disrepair, I may try the same mod!
  12. I need a favor (will pay), PM for details-Thanks!
  13. XSNRG

    Rallycross school

    Are you running this year Qman?