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  1. A lot depends on the overall life you think the car will lead with you. If it's in great shape and you plan to keep it for a while, have a custom stainless system built. I want to say the two I've done were around $300 give or take, including the flow master stainless muffler. Not much more than the OEM part you were looking at, and you'll never have to touch it again. If it's just a beater, you can probably have a piece welded in for $50. Dan
  2. BEECHBM69

    92 Loyale Valve Clatter

    Fixed that for you, all due respect of course Dan
  3. The only green o-rings I've ever come across were in the A/C system. Dan
  4. BEECHBM69

    Wire going to carby

    Electric choke if equipped, or idle stop/anti-diesel solenoid are the only two I can think of on an EA81 carb. Dan
  5. I just pulled out my paper 1990 FSM because I was sure I could find it for you. Oddly, I can't. Every sensor and plug has a torque value, but not the mounting bolts. I've done several, and have never had an issue - but - from lessons learned in my past, I am conditioned to not put a 3/8 ratchet on anything 10mm. So I guess my answer is "snug with a 1/4" ratchet." EJ's are 5 ft/lbs, so I can't imagine an EA is much, if any more than that. Good luck! Dan
  6. BEECHBM69

    EA81 oil pump removal pics

    I wonder how many of us keep something on the shelf for "just in case," and it winds up never getting used and thrown in the scrap bin by our kids when we die. I guess I'll have to put something in writing for the entire contents of my "parts shed" to be given to the Subi community somehow....... Dan
  7. BEECHBM69

    EA81 oil pump removal pics

    Unless the engine has been abused (run without oil) these pumps don't generally "fail." You can still get the reseal kits, which will address any leak or aeration issues you may be experiencing. Dan
  8. A lot of that is going to depend on what you are going to use it for, and what your level of mechanical aptitude is. It's an excellent little car, as long as you have something else to drive while you find parts, and you are able to do the work yourself. If you are trying to use it as a one and only daily, and can't fix it, then well..... not so much. Good luck! Dan
  9. BEECHBM69

    Broken timing belt leads to low idle?

    Two things that come immediately to mind. Something in the rotating assembly is binding up causing a lot of drag, which may be what broke your timing belt in the first place. (Idler, tensioner, or possibly oil pump) -or- One of your belts could be off a tooth. It's easy to do if you've never done them before. Recheck all the marks and make sure they are dead on. That doesn't account for the belt breaking, but would account for the drivability issues. Good luck. Dan
  10. If you anticipate possibly having to fix something else, or in your case, need to monitor whether something needs fixed or not, I couldn't imagine going through the trouble of putting the covers back on. Even if it shortens the life of the belts by a few thousand miles, the difference in effort involved to change them (or anything else) is exponentially worthwhile in my opinion. I've had open belts for a few years now, BUT like DaveT, I don't offroad much. Dan
  11. BEECHBM69

    A Long Shot? A/C Compressor

    Since Subarule passed on the offer, I would be an interested buyer if you just want to get rid of it. I just "rescued" a 92 Loyale that "just quit running..... but the timing belts are good." They weren't.....lol Anyway, it has that compressor. Let me know. Dan
  12. The shift linkage is notorious for getting loose, which makes for some interesting shifting, but that doesn't come and go, it just is. (At least in my experience.) I wonder if you've got motor and trans mounts that have gone bad allowing for things to move around under certain conditions? Sometimes it's sitting where it's supposed to, and other times maybe it's askew enough to cause issues? Not something I remember reading about, but it would allow for the inconsistency. Good luck! Dan
  13. BEECHBM69

    A Long Shot? A/C Compressor

    They made it right when I showed them what I had. The stock photo in the add was like mine, so I didn't think to specify (actually, I had no idea there was more than one back case ) Back of the back, vs side of the back. Glad it's all going to work out. Back to your deal already in progress with no further interruptions from me Dan
  14. BEECHBM69

    A Long Shot? A/C Compressor

    Not to be a pain, but if this means what I think it means, it won't work in his application. The bracket will be right about where the discharge is. It's the same one I got sent the first time. If by rear you mean the side of the back cover then I sincerely apologize. Dan On edit: Pictures attached.
  15. BEECHBM69

    A Long Shot? A/C Compressor

    This is the one I used. Going on two years, no issues. https://www.ebay.com/itm/REMAN-A-C-COMPRESSOR-COMFORT-TEMP-57453R-FITS-1994-SUBARU-LOYALE-1-8L/132232695464?epid=76242066&hash=item1ec9aecea8%3Ag%3AZsgAAOSwPWRZSDQ4&_nkw=57453&_from=R40&rt=nc There are (at least) two different back cases for this model compressor, the one you see with the rear fitting on the side of the back case, and one with the fitting on the back of the back case (the compressor itself is identical.) They sent the wrong case, but made it right with no cost to me, I just had to explain, "the one like in the picture," and attached a picture of what they sent vs what I had, with what was posted. Very nice people to deal with. And it won't work without the second belt. With only one belt, it will slip, and the lockup safety will kick the compressor out. Good luck! Dan