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  1. I took some pictures when I first got them, I'll see if I can poke around and find them. I don't believe I'll be going in the attic until fall..... The guy I bought them from ordered them for a Brat he bought new back in the day, never put them on, and sold the Brat. I think he was from California, but my memory isn't what it use to be. Now that I think about it, I may have posted some pics on here somewhere. Let me poke around some. Dan
  2. I have some of those teeth currently residing in my attic, still in the original boxes. Dan
  3. I remembered you saying this many times over the years, and was going to put it into practice this go round. Thanks for the reminder! Dan
  4. Good eye! They are Dodge D50 wheels. The gear was bent in ever so slightly on the part the belt rides on. It wasn't enough to distort the front flange, and everything turned freely when I was doing the belts- no weird resistance outside of normal spring compression. I've got a camper in the driveway that desperately needs some spring attention, so I'll get back after it in a week or so. Thanks! Dan
  5. I was actually going to drop the y a little bit and find out for sure which side it's on. If it's on the other side it would take impact damage off the table (I think....lol) As to the condensation, this was full on mosquito man spray type fog......lol On a side note, I started it again yesterday to get it out of the driveway, and it smoked from the outset, so whatever happened, it looks like it happened during the first run. Even with the smoke, it ran like a sewing machine, so I'm optimistic its the HG. Thanks for the input! Dan
  6. Long story short- EA82 parts car wrecked on the drivers side front.. Engine appears externally undamaged with the exception of the timing sprocket being slightly bent (belt was broken, no covers.) 103k miles. Transplanted into my driver, it started and ran surprisingly well. No strange noises, and no smoke - at first. Put the rad cap on and buttoned it the rest of the way up, got it up to temp (built some pressure in the cooling system) and it started spewing coolant smoke from the exhaust. Opened the rad cap after it cooled off a little bit, caught a good wiff of exhaust smell. My question for the collective guruness: What is the likelihood that a side impact to the cam sprocket has damaged the head somehow? I'm thinking the head gasket decided it was time to retire, but wanted to check with the pros before I pull it back out and pull it apart. Seems if something was catastrophically cracked, it would have shown itself immediately, which is why I'm leaning towards just the HG. Thanks for reading. Dan
  7. There are a ton of forum members running no covers that have had different results than those stated above, myself included. Dan
  8. I want to say somebody was able to match up some poly bushings from an aftermarket company somewhere. I'll poke around and see if I can find the thread on it. Dan On edit: Found this thread, older thread, and not sure if Amir is still there, but the a search of the number brings a bunch of hits. Good luck!
  9. The short answer is no, they are not the same. The long answer is most hub failures come from not installing/tightening the cone washer correctly. Your sourcing for a hub will be somebody from this group that has stripped a car and has them sitting on a shelf. Good luck! Dan
  10. A lot of that is going to depend on what is still available. Oil pumps are NLA from Subaru. There are some hoarded NOS ones around, but getting somebody to let go of one is challenging. If it didn't have any issues before with oil consumption or an obvious knock, I would just replace the head gaskets and roll with it. The pros will chime in with some better insight shortly I know. Good luck! Dan
  11. I see what the badge says, but that actually looks like a Loyale hatch. No plastic on the side pillars, and the gasket/trim around the windows is different than a GL. (I think I read on here somewhere that the glass mounts differently from GL to Loyale, but you will want to confirm.) On a completely self serving note, is that blue- and are the fenders there? Dan
  12. Escort GT seats will fit in an EA81 with only the elongation of one of the mounting bolt holes. I don't remember the year but it's posted in here somewhere what I used with pictures. Since the Escorts were made by Mazda, I'm sure the same seats were in other cars. I'm 6'3, and have no issues with them in a hatch. Dan
  13. Strictly from the standpoint of replacing the clutch, pulling the engine is not that difficult. It can be a little frustrating trying to line it back up by yourself, but it can be done. If you have help it's cake. If the body is sound and it can be had for a deal, I wouldn't be afraid of it. Good luck! Dan
  14. Having used both POR15 and just good quality rattle can paint over a number of years on a truck I drive on the beach all the time, I can say: My personal experience is the POR15 doesn't hold up any longer than the primer/ paint, and is a hell of a lot more expensive. I won't be buying it again. Dan
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