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  1. Ummmm..... guys? Operative word "missing." Dan
  2. BEECHBM69

    3AT modulator

    Thanks for the reminder I have that 2wd trans we talked about sitting on my garage floor if you want it, or anything off or out of it. Dan
  3. This still shows having them: https://www.subarupartsdepot.com/oem-parts/subaru-cover-remote-inner-left-hand-760123200 Good luck! Dan
  4. There is now one less set available in tan....... Thank you for the heads up. I had given up even looking for them anymore. Dan
  5. BEECHBM69

    "Heavy Duty" CV Axles

    Somebody used them and said they were no better than the other offerings out there in aftermarket land. I used Surtraks after they took over/ bought out EMPI. I wasn't impressed, but they were the 8003s, not the 9003s, and it was several years ago. Good luck! Dan
  6. BEECHBM69

    Clutch Cable Length?

    DO NOT buy an aftermarket clutch cable. I thought I knew better than the collective and bought aftermarket, I never could get it to operate correctly. Don't do it, you'll be replacing it again with OEM. Dan
  7. BEECHBM69

    What happened?

    Every few years we get a dose of crazy roll through here. The last guy wanted to post romantic stories about his brat all over the place. I forget the one before him. We were overdue. When you amass over 200 posts in less than 10 days, there are some manic issues involved. If you are worried about your family's safety being compromised based on a blurry picture on a very obscure website, you likely have some paranoia issues as well. Good luck to you, and "your buddy." Dan
  8. BEECHBM69

    What happened?

    If it had to do with motorcycle carbs and plumping section intakes, it would appear that person, and all of their content has disappeared. I was wondering how long it would take....... Dan
  9. BEECHBM69

    Fanless EA82?

    I have two electric fans wired to relays, and drove the car all winter without realizing the thermo switch was bad. If you're doing "highway miles," you'll be fine to go to the store, or across country. Once you stop, it's an entirely different story. The heater does pull a surprising amount of heat off, as I used it when I got in a situation to know the fans weren't working at a stop light. Dan
  10. AISIN makes a good product. Cast impeller vs stamped. I've used both the EA81 and EA82 versions without issue. Dan
  11. Sooooo........ you'll be selling your collection of Enkeis then? Dan
  12. I've got a wrecked GL in my driveway that I just pulled the entire front end off of. Drivers side is bent all to hell, but passenger side stuff is ok. I think it's an 88. Send me an email if you still have a need. beechbm1969@yahoo.com Dan
  13. BEECHBM69

    RockAuto Valve Cover Gaskets

    And then you asked a question, which we can't answer without that same information...... Dan
  14. I had one, 89 5sp H/L. Gave it away when the timing belt broke because: pre internet. One of the many regrets of my life. Dan
  15. Yup. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Nardi-Steering-Wheel-Hub-Adapter-Kit-Subaru-Sedan-Brat-Part-4370-95-4701/191014979199?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l9372 Dan