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  1. BEECHBM69

    Which timing belts?

    Neither are you. Dan
  2. BEECHBM69

    Which timing belts?

    There are a ton of forum members running no covers that have had different results than those stated above, myself included. Dan
  3. BEECHBM69

    EA82 Control Arm Bushings

    I want to say somebody was able to match up some poly bushings from an aftermarket company somewhere. I'll poke around and see if I can find the thread on it. Dan On edit: Found this thread, older thread, and not sure if Amir is still there, but the a search of the number brings a bunch of hits. Good luck!
  4. BEECHBM69

    Justy hub on a DL?

    The short answer is no, they are not the same. The long answer is most hub failures come from not installing/tightening the cone washer correctly. Your sourcing for a hub will be somebody from this group that has stripped a car and has them sitting on a shelf. Good luck! Dan
  5. BEECHBM69

    What to replace when rebuilding

    A lot of that is going to depend on what is still available. Oil pumps are NLA from Subaru. There are some hoarded NOS ones around, but getting somebody to let go of one is challenging. If it didn't have any issues before with oil consumption or an obvious knock, I would just replace the head gaskets and roll with it. The pros will chime in with some better insight shortly I know. Good luck! Dan
  6. I see what the badge says, but that actually looks like a Loyale hatch. No plastic on the side pillars, and the gasket/trim around the windows is different than a GL. (I think I read on here somewhere that the glass mounts differently from GL to Loyale, but you will want to confirm.) On a completely self serving note, is that blue- and are the fenders there? Dan
  7. BEECHBM69


    Escort GT seats will fit in an EA81 with only the elongation of one of the mounting bolt holes. I don't remember the year but it's posted in here somewhere what I used with pictures. Since the Escorts were made by Mazda, I'm sure the same seats were in other cars. I'm 6'3, and have no issues with them in a hatch. Dan
  8. BEECHBM69

    1992 Loyale in need of clutch

    Strictly from the standpoint of replacing the clutch, pulling the engine is not that difficult. It can be a little frustrating trying to line it back up by yourself, but it can be done. If you have help it's cake. If the body is sound and it can be had for a deal, I wouldn't be afraid of it. Good luck! Dan
  9. Having used both POR15 and just good quality rattle can paint over a number of years on a truck I drive on the beach all the time, I can say: My personal experience is the POR15 doesn't hold up any longer than the primer/ paint, and is a hell of a lot more expensive. I won't be buying it again. Dan
  10. BEECHBM69

    1985 Brat carb issues

    Go around it with a can of carb cleaner while running. It might not be one of the hoses. As mentioned by freddo, throttle shaft wear might be a thing. You'll find it with the carb cleaner. Good luck! Dan
  11. BEECHBM69

    Changing out Brat Doors!

    You can take the hinges off your new doors and use the old hinges still bolted to the car. Not fun by yourself, but doable. I was able to do it with a floor jack and piece of 2x4 when swapping complete doors out. Dan
  12. BEECHBM69

    Xtreme Oil Leak

    I know it's frustrating, but you need to clean everything off and find exactly where it's coming from. You've put your hands on a lot of stuff, so it could be any of the things you touched/ replaced, or even something you didn't. If it's bad, it should be obvious once you clean it up. Good luck! Dan
  13. BEECHBM69

    Timin' Belt Covers.

    Completely off topic, but I'm glad to see you back. You've been missed. Dan
  14. If it's low on freon, it can kick on but not maintain enough pressure to stay engaged. I would at least put a set of gauges on it to see what it's doing before I did anything else. Has it been converted? Dan
  15. IMO, it would be much easier and cheaper (if you aren't doing it) to install an aftermarket temp gauge and leave the dash alone. Dan