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  1. ...you might be a redneck if... My personal vote is for a nice, clean metallic paint job, i.e. world rally blue or a nice deep red. Simple colors, I think, often look best, especially when then real goodies are under the hood.
  2. I'd be happy to help you put in speakers, I just think you're going to be really unhappy with that speaker choice. 6x9s are a tough fit in a Subaru and they really sound quite poor. A cheap set of 6.5" speakers will sound much better and be an easy easy fit in the doors. I run a pair of Eclipse 3-way coaxial 6.5" speakers in the front of my wagon, and they sound decent for what I paid. Decent midbass and alright high end, although the tweeters are a bit harsh for my taste. When you get the car fixed up and ready to hit the road, let me know, my garage is always open.
  3. ...and then you'd still have TSW wheels... HRE will manufacture their wheels to any bolt pattern you like, but prepare to pay for it. They're quality wheels and come at quite a price. Seems easier to go 5-lug. ...still, those BBSs are awful nice.
  4. samo

    Yay or Nay?

    Why not find a GL 3-door? You'll already have the D/R box and you'll not be bashing up such a rare car. Not to mention, the turbo engine is less than sweet for crawling, as you well know, I'm sure. Seems almost kinda sad to bash up an RX .
  5. Talk to Jamie at subarugenuineparts.com . She's got awesome prices, and is very knowledgeable - not to mention, she's a member of the USMB and a local Subaru nut / rally racer.
  6. Pretty sure it's not a timing belt tensioner, as I just replaced those 2000 miles ago. Luckily, on the EA82s, if a belt goes, it's no big deal. Oil's clean, PCV is working and clean, catch can is in place. The EGR system seems to be a likely target, as I'm pretty sure mine is not working properly. I'll go through it and fix what I can on it. Thanks guys!
  7. Here's my USRM post that should help a little bit: http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=50840 It's for an EA82, but many of the principles are the same. You'll have to run new speaker wires, since EA81s are common-ground, which will make your new CD player overheat unless you rewire it to floating-ground. Check that USRM post for more info on common vs. floating ground. I would be more than happy to help you install it, but I can't make it down that far. I live in Kirkland and have a warm, dry garage to work in as well as plenty of tools, if you could make it up here. I'm a former professional stereo installer and have won some awards for my work, so I think I could probably figure out how to make an EA81 stereo work . Let me know!
  8. Sunshine, my '93 EA82 has developed a new noise over this winter. It sounds sort of like a very loud case of pinging or knocking at partial throttle. It seems to occur most often when the car is working hard, like sitting in traffic or climbing up Snoqualmie Pass. If I let off the throttle, the noise goes away, and if I floor it, it usually goes away, or at least lessens. My first inclination was that it was something like piston slap, but that's generally a cold-start condition. Any ideas on what said noise might be? And no, it's not TOD, it's something different . Thanks!
  9. samo

    pugs/no lift?

    I run 25s on Pug alloys on my EA82. No rubbing problems.
  10. I threw in a new right front axle on Sunshine last weekend to cure the f'd up DOJ on that side. However, the axle I got at Schucks, while nice-looking, didn't quite fit. The holes for the roll pin on the DOJ were machined off by maybe 2 degrees. Just barely, but enough that the pin wouldn't go back in. I managed to destroy a pair of pins trying to get it locked back into place. So, I put in its place a bolt with a nyloc nut that seems to be holding well. Yes, it's ghetto, I know, but I figured it would work for a week until I can snag a new, well-made axle. However, today, all of the sudden the steering is REALLY stiff, just kind of out of nowhere. I came home at 6:00, steering was fine, and when I left again at 6:45, the steering was crazy stiff. I'm also hearing a clunk from the right front on slow, sharp turns. Haven't checked the PS fluid yet, but I will in a moment. The pump doesn't sound like it's low, though. Think this axle is even more junk than I originally figured? Thanks!
  11. samo

    Parts Source?

    Subarugenuineparts.com is my personal recommendation if you want new parts. Jamie knows her stuff.
  12. samo

    tierods ?

    waht doo yuo need hevier tie rods four? i have hit mein on lotz of stuffs and tehy r fine. Okay, seriously. I really doubt there are any stronger tie rods that will bolt right up without major modification. Even if they did, I don't really see the need myself, as I pretty well beat on my car and my tie rods are just fine.
  13. samo

    Dumb DR Question

    5-speeds there are indeed. I have one on my deck. w00t.
  14. samo

    Loyale/GL cupholders, Lets See Em'

    ^ Bingo! The coin tray makes a great drink holder. So do passengers .
  15. samo

    Loyale Painting ideas

    Silver with blue pearl FTW! ^ My old car from its feature in Nissan Performance Magazine. Paint it flourescent green.