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    I'm new to the world of mechanics although i learn very quickly there is a lot that i still do not know about cars but i have a decent wrenching knowledge
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  1. Think we got it figured out messing with it more thursday. Looks like a bad gasket in the carb. that's letting gas poor in.
  2. Video of it running
  3. Bought my self an 82 DL Brat that has a 32/36 dgev or dgv weber on it. Starts right up even in cold weather. Idles great but when you're giving it gas it has 2 spots that it'll start to bog down before running smoothly and what not. I'm thinking it has the wrong jetting, but I haven't messed with a weber in a few years so I'm trying to get some outside advice.
  4. Dude you are a true subie lover :clap: To stay through with your car like that
  5. http://salem.craigslist.org/cto/2801317304.html i was browsing craigs when i came across this gem:headbang:
  6. trucking45

    Snow pics thread. . .

    It's a brat It's a hatch IT"S A WAGON!!!! :banana:
  7. trucking45

    Help!!! 81 brat

    Thats what ive been saying is i dont wanna do a test drive the best i can do is back it up and then go forwards to show it drives and i tell them it PROBABLY well make it to where you are going just depends on how you drive so im telling them if they are gonna try and drive it home take it easy had one guy look at it and said no cuz he didnt wanna risk it and i got another guy thats gonna try and come down in the next couple of days to look at it
  8. trucking45

    Help!!! 81 brat

    How long do you think the tranny well last when you stick in 4wd with only the rear wheels getting power i got a guy who lives in beaver creek who wants to buy it think id handle that?
  9. trucking45

    Help!!! 81 brat

    http://salem.craigslist.org/cto/2836509184.html Well here it is
  10. trucking45

    Help!!! 81 brat

    It's just one of the better looking cars that's for 1,000 or under theres a toyota and a couple fords a few dodges ect. ..and that el camino was something my mom pointed out to me and both my step dad and step grandpa said it was a good buy but we are still looking..plus to do the tranny we would have to buy/borrow specail tools cuz im sure we cant swap out the tranny with just wrenches and screwdrivers plus a hammer and my step dad doesnt have a lot of time to work on stuff other then work that gets him money so we are just playing it by ear and seeing how things well go
  11. trucking45

    Help!!! 81 brat

    The life roller coaster is nothing new to me i have to say im a lot more mature them most of my generation ive seen a lot of things done a lot of things and made many mistakes...if we didnt have such a high demand for a third vehicle i would keep it but we need a third car asap and we have very little cash to spare so on monday if i can get that tranny for free i well most likely be able to keep her but other wise we well have to sell her..and i would love to do yard work just anytime i mow the lawn or what not i have a very bad allergic reaction and have to go to the E.R. It's not fun not being able to breath
  12. trucking45

    Help!!! 81 brat

    We did tried everything to make sure it was fully engaging and it still wont budge in 2wd and in 4wd all the power is going to the rear wheels i found that out when i was driving over some blocks and the rear wheels kept slipping over them and the front wheels had no power so something is wrong inside the tranny..But i thankyou guys for all the ideas that it could be i really dont wanna see her go but i just dont have a steady income to keep her running
  13. trucking45

    Help!!! 81 brat

    Im 99% sure it's not that just cuz it did this while i going down the road at 45 before the whole car started shaking and made the grinding noise
  14. trucking45

    Help!!! 81 brat

    On monday i well know if i can get the tranny or not so if you guys know anybody looking for a brat let me know i well be selling it for $1000 no less i have two bins of this and that three sets of tires the canopy high roll bar with bull bar some fog/offroad lights both the front axles where replaced within 5,000 miles of eachother with new bearings up front oil changed about 1,000 miles ago runs good choke needs fine tuning starts up every time..but with fine tuning of the choke it well start up quicker it usally takes a few turns for it to start up when it's really cold but i need the cash asap so let people know that there might be a brat on the market