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  1. Miatadude

    Back in the saddle

    Keep up the good work. I will be starting on getting mine road worthy this Winter.
  2. Miatadude

    Subaru brats by state

    I have an 82 in Georgia.
  3. Miatadude

    We Post Our Grievances Here

    Lack of replacement body parts. Come on, its only 33 years old.
  4. Thank you ihscout. Now I can connect everything properly.
  5. I am looking for a diagram that illustrates what hose goes where. When I bought my Brat, the fuel line was connected to the bottom of the tank. I found out this is the drain plug from a previous post. I need to know where I should hook up the fuel supply to. Is a factory shop manual available for an 82 Brat?
  6. That's funny.
  7. Miatadude

    82 Brat gas tank fitting

    Thanks for the help. Someone in the past used this as the source for fuel. I will look at it sometime today and figure what the correct location is. There are no threads on the present location. Is there a diagram that illustrates what fittings are for?
  8. I need help finding a part for my 82 Brat. I am looking for the fitting on the bottom of the tank that you attach the gas line to. There was one on there that I do not believe was stock. I attempted to seal it with a fuel resistant RTV but it started leaking within a few weeks. The one that is in there now is made of plastic. Any ideas?
  9. I put Escort seats in my 82. Very easy to do.
  10. I can't wait to get mine back on the road. My first was an 85 turbo I bought in 1995 in Phoenix. That Brat took me through a lot of the dessert.
  11. Hey guys. I have been off of the forum for a long time. Bought a new house and put the Brat in the basement. I am finally getting back to it. The problem I have is a leak at the "elbow" at the bottom of the tank where the fuel hose connects. I tried a fuel resistant sealer but that only lasted 2 weeks. Is there an actual replacement part? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Miatadude

    Dash mat

    Thanx everyone. The last ones I purchased were at the park and swap out in Phoenix when I was stationed there. Now that I am back on the east coast, I was just wondering who to buy from.
  13. Miatadude

    Dash mat

    Who makes a good dash mat for an 82 Brat? My dash is too far gone to restore. I want to cover the ugly thing with something.
  14. Sr, my hat is off to you. Incredible work. I am doing the same thing, but my Brat is not as bad as yours. I owned one 25 years ago and hopefully mine will look as nice as yours next Spring. You are an inspiration. I could buy a new whatever, but elected to relive my youth in an old 82 Brat.
  15. Miatadude

    82 Brat GL master cylinder.

    Thank guys. I have had the Brat since last December, and got it on the road in January. I did bleed the entire system 3 times. It has never had a firm pedal since I have owned it. Will pick up a reman unit and go for it.