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  1. 2012 outback 3.6. 158,000 km's The low oil light came on 3000 km's after an oil change. The dip stick was only down about 1/2. Topped it up but the oil light never went off. I know it sometimes takes awhile for the light to go off but it was on for 2 days. Found this fix on Utube and it worked like a charm. Does anybody have any idea why it worked? Does it reset the sensors? Thanks
  2. Had the same problem with my 02 outback...smell of gas at start up but only when the temp was cold. Turned out the clamps needed to be tightened on the fuel line.
  3. Had the same code with my 99 forester. Finally found out it was a burnt exhaust valve. Simple test to check is to hold a dollar bill over the exhaust when it is running and if the bill gets sucked in then blown out it is the exhaust valve.
  4. 2012 Outback 3.6 R, 138,800 kms. Bought the car used in Sept. 2015 with 70,000 kms. Noticed in early 2016 that after first thing in the am after backing out of my lane way and then when shifting into drive there is a hesitation followed by a loud clunk which sounds like it is coming from the rear diff.. It only happens once, first trip of the day and never does it again that day. Also it doesn't do it every day only intermittently. Took it back to the dealer and they gave me a loaner, kept it overnight and of course it didn't do it the next morning. Took it home and of course a few days later the clunk was back. Took it back and once again it failed to produce the clunk. Ran fine for the rest of the summer and then in Nov. 2016 when the weather was colder the clunk returned. Took it back and my service adviser noticed the car now had 110,000 km's on it and was over due for the transmission service. This was performed, new tran fluid, front and rear diff fluid and relearn the tran module. The clunk was gone for 9 months until the end of July this year. Took the car back again. Got a loaner and they kept it for 2 days trying to reproduce the symptom. No luck. they did have a service bulletin about an software update for the trans module and installed that. They also checked the tranny for leaks and checked tranny level and all was fine. Took the car home and two days later the clunk is back, like I said only in the am and for the first trip of the day, then it runs fine and might not do it for a few days. I am bringing it in again next week and was wondering if anyone here has any ideas as to what night be going on. I have an extended warranty on the car that runs out at 152,000 km's so want to get this resolved. I know the diff oil is thicker in the am when it is cooler and the rpms are also higher creating more pressure and I have tried letting it warm up for 5 minutes before leaving and it still clunks but only intermittently. Thanks Alan
  5. Had the same problem with my 02 outback in cold weather and the fix was the same.
  6. Had the same problem with my 2001 Forester and 2002 Outback. Only on really cold days. It was the clamps as Steven suggested.
  7. If you have a fob, hold down the unlock button for 5 sec. Worked on my 99 forester.
  8. I had a 2002 outback wagon with the same problem. It gets pretty cold here and as soon as the temp dropped you could smell the gas. CNy dave's fix worked for me.
  9. I agree with Fairtax on the pirelli's. My father-in-law, a vw man all the way would only run pirelli's because they were a really grippy tire. They did wear quicker than other brands but he said the handling they gave him outweighed the wear.
  10. Hi...I just got a 2012 outback 3.6R last July. It is loaded and I absolutly love it. I have had 3 other subbies, 99 Forester, 01 Forester, 02 outback all with the 2.5. The 02 finally packed it in last july with 285,00 km's and I wanted to get something newer and with more power. The 3.6 has exceeded all expectations and I would definately urge you to consider it.
  11. I had a 99 Forester with the same problem but on #3. Did everthing you did but still had the code. Turned out to be a burnt exhaust valve. Try thr dollar bill test. Get the car warmed up and hold a dollar bill in front of the exhaust pipe and if it grets sucked in and then out..probably a sign that the exhaut valve is burnt.
  12. Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. I got some clear silicone caulk and applied it all across the top between the plastic cover and the body and then opened the hatch and caulked everything that had a space where water could get in on the side of the hatch. Took it tthrough the car wash and "no water" ..guess I plugged wherever it was comming in. Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions....I will try them and see what happens.
  14. Hi..2002 outback Ltd. After going through the carwash or after a heavy rain there is water in the passenger side back up light/brake light housing that is located on the rear hatch. When you open the rear hatch and pull open the access panel the water pours out around the bulb opening. There are no other wet spots on the roof panel or the floor. so I don't think it is the sunroof drains. I looked carefully for cracks in the plastic cover over the lights and did not see any. Any ideas where it might be geting in? I am thinking of using clear silicone caulking but not sure where to start. Thanks