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  1. Ground was on pretty tight and is grounded to motor and frame. but just in case I have got some extra wire and will redo the ground. I'm also replacing positive terminal seeing how it was messed up enough that I couldn't tighten it.thanks for everyone's help and will update one I get the new terminal on.
  2. The clutch cable and positive are no where near touching. And neither of the cable have been rerouted. My positive terminal on the cable won't tighten all the way. Yes battery has been out. So I'm just gonna get new terminals and check all grounds and cables
  3. I have a 97 impreza outback sport and yesterday the power started to cut in and out like a bad battery/ground connection. earlier that day I had swapped my battery with someone at the river that had left there lights on. and didn't have the proper tools to tighten it back up so that's what I thought was happening. but I start to smell soothing burning and notice a light from a fire by my feet. so I stopped to check it out at and notice it was my clutch cable arcing and almost catching fire. I do notice when I push down on the clutch just a nuff that the peddle meets the cable it stops and I regain power as if it is grounded