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    Had the same wagon back in junior high now I got enough time and money to have a beater I love.
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  1. Love this old girl, 383k and still kicking. She isn’t much on looks but doesn’t quit either. Weberized and 6 lug swap since I got her, changed the motor mounts the other day and all 4 fell out in two pieces. For all I know they were original!
  2. Summit has a nice one by intellitronix that is made in the USA and lifetime warranty. I bought the voltmeter unit when I was having issues, looks good and works great so far.
  3. My ea81 has an aftermarket fan that is probably a little smaller than it needs to be as the needle climbs a bit when stopped idling in summer traffic, or creeping around on trails. I am going to install a larger one and if that doesn’t work I might try an oil cooler which should help or at least add a little oil capacity.
  4. 83gl_JL

    After market seat belts

    Thanks for the info, and that’s kinda what I was assuming. I do have a friend who welds and does fab work, seems like a lot of effort for something that may or may not help. My sube never sees the freeway and the kids are only in it for about 4 miles from daycare to home on backroads when I don’t have time to swap cars.
  5. 83gl_JL

    After market seat belts

    I was hoping for someone to answer as I am in the same boat also. PITA swapping cars every time I have to grab the kids, I will be keeping an eye on this thread. If I find anything in searching I will post.
  6. Yours looked so good so I searched and this is close enough for me if it turns out half as clean as yours I will be pleased, because it's better than what I have which is a big hole right now. 22g Perforated Stainless Steel Sheet - 18" x 24" x .030" https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00OHRYMJ2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_VIljAb9HWY3P2
  7. You have to lean them out or they pass easily, most of the people that run smog check around here are not rocket scientists. Thanks
  8. Do the Weber carbs pass emissions anywhere, meaning I'm not in Cali so the emission we do have are lax compared to theirs but I don't want to swap and then not pass.
  9. That's a work of art jono, where did you pick up the mesh?
  10. 83gl_JL

    No heater core in my 83?

    I was just getting pissed cuz everything you guys said was right but nothing was working and I am not an idiot when it comes to cars (unless fireball is involved) so took off the plastic diverter on the DS that sends the air up to bi level and defrost missing part of the linkage that goes from either the white plastic piece on the hot/cold valve or one that comes down from the fresh air on/off FML the previous owner had a piece of blue jacketed copper twisted to it and BAM blazing hot air. Being blue jacketed I thought it was the stereo ignition wire, anyways thanks a bunch.
  11. 83gl_JL

    No heater core in my 83?

    Well if the hot cold knob and linkage move freely could the valve itself be bad, ie does the coolant bypass the heater core if you have it on cold and just head back to the motor so if I was stuck internally on cold both hoses could be hot but there would be no flow in the core Itself or minutely warm due to conduction through the hose
  12. 83gl_JL

    No heater core in my 83?

    Hot cold selector is firmly fastened double checked that, there are two vacuum lines that run up into the console to a small switch which has a button that gets depressed when it's on a/c recirculate ( slider all the way left). So if that switch completes the vacuum to put it on recirculate then I should be open at all other times correct. When I get home I will warm it up and check if it opens when the car is off but from the gems you guys have given me it sounds like I am just stuck in the recirculate position
  13. 83gl_JL

    No heater core in my 83?

    Skishop after I flushed the core now it gets hot and I found the temp selector which seems to move fine and the linkages on the opposite side move fine also. So I am assuming it's another flap inside tat isn't allowing air to run through the core? How do I access that one? Pull apart the dash I am guessing? The dash has been apart a few times it looks like from previous owners so I'm not too worried about breaking anything thanks for any help.
  14. 83gl_JL

    No heater core in my 83?

    Sorry I figured it out just too used to heater cores coming in thru the firewall on the passenger side had plugs where it should be and everything but my car doesn't have ac so hindsight. That and by the time I thought to ask on here my friend had showed up and fireball ensued, thanks for the replies, and sorry to sound like an idiot but by that point pretty much where I was lol. Found the heater core flushed it, core gets hot now I think it's either the vacuum/no vacuum problem or the bad selector valve.