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  1. On MY14 Impreza HD radio, some stations had 3 selections within a station. the primary one was the one you were used to listening to. While the 2nd may be all weather from the same station and the 3rd, all news, or different types of music.
  2. Glad you resoled this..... too many times trying to help neighbors, I got into crap I didn't expect ..... like headgasket replacement on 98 Forester ( DOHC ) then weeks later came back with multiple misfires .. Thought Timing belt jumped .... What did I miss .... I miss TIGHTENING the 10mm bolt that holds that cam sensor in place. I apparently just finger tightened and FORGOT to tighten with a rachet.
  3. IIRC there are marks on the cams that must face each other as well as the cam belt timing marks. Also the drivers intake cam is the one with the cam sensor on it. So timing between that and the crank controls spark to the correct cylinder. Recheck .... I did prefer DOHC to SOHC .... for me they seemed easier. SOHC, the drivers intake would always JUMP since it was loaded from intake springs.
  4. I have done 2010 AND 2011 EJ25x head gaskets. Both for External oil leaks and internal leaks. So bear in mind, the weakness still exists. In fact, the last 2011 Outback I did over 2 years ago, BLEW the top hose connection off the radiator while our daughter was on the interstate doing 70 this past summer. By the time she pulled over and we had it towed, the heads AND the block were warped. After many searches, I found this to be common on the 2010-2012 Outbacks ( last to use the EJ25x ). Appears to be a combination of upper radiator weakness and the Long Life Coolant ( blue ) they used, making the plastic VERY BRITTLE. I still have faith in the EJ motor, owned 8 since 1990 and they have served us well. Found a young buyer for that 2011 who was "biting at the bit" to repair and it is back on the road. Our daughter now owns a 2016 Forester, out 14th Subaru since 1979.
  5. Yes Thank you , I stand corrected .... early morning my mind has 'piston slap' LOL And I have owned 3 EA's from 1979 thru 1985, Oil LEAKS GALORE..... but cars ALWAYS STARTED and got me thru bad weather in the Poconos
  6. There is no DRAIN hole for this area once the oil filter is replaced. The last time the filter was replaced, I'll bet they never wiped the area clean before they screwed on the new filter. Just wipe it clean and see if the oil returns. I suspect it will not as IF there was a leak, this small area FILLS and flows over the side really making a MESS. And YES this is the FA/FB engine that replaced the long running EA series. I DO prefer this as if you let it sit for 3-4 hours ( overnight ) the filter comes off with NO OIL MESS. And with a Fumoto valve, and oil change is now under 10 minutes with no mess, Open Fumoto, while draining, replace filter on the top, Close Fumoto ( synthetic 'water' ( 0W-20 ) drains very quickly ). Fill oil ..... DONE. Move old oil to container and take to service station on the corner. 2 FB20s currently in the stable. With 1 EA25 left in the family ( daughter's 2011 Outback ) I still need an old coffee cup to cleanly grasp and remove the old oil filter after I loosen it. This was the cleanest way I ever came up with for all the EA engines I owned since MY90 Legacy LS wagon EA22. Owned the first year for EA in the US, and ALMOST the last. 2012 for Outback/Legacy. Still continued for WRX/STI a few year after that.
  7. Is it a Stick Shift? If it is, could be the PHV , better known as the Hill Holder not releasing. The Return spring becomes weak or breaks on them over time.
  8. Have you replaced either of the front drives shafts? I had a similar noise on a 2001 Outback our daughter owned a few years ago, turned out to be a replaced passenger side front drive shaft. little too much play on inner DOJ joint. Was a Cardone replacement. Other than that noise when in reverse and NOT moving ( loud hum, rattle sound, made door panels rattle ) car drove normal with no other noises or vibrations.
  9. Does this have an EGR? I had sticky EGRs on a few EJ250 engines ( 98, 02, 04 ) and they caused rough idle and misfire in all cylinders. Just a thought as I read this thread.
  10. Bet it’s a front wheel bearing. Done a LOT of them both front and rear on the 2010-14 Outbacks and 2012-16 Imprezas ( same as Crosstrek). Makes a ‘whirring’ sound , like a jet engine at idle to me. Some come right out, others are really rusted in place.
  11. Here’s a link to my EGR write up on the Forester board years ago.... http://www.subaruforester.org/vbulletin/f88/low-idle-stuttering-erratic-jerking-various-rpms-76450/index3.html#post887065
  12. Does it have an EGR? I have seen a sticky EGR cause this. Wrote an entry here many years ago when MY04 Forester had similar symptoms. Also had pending misfires on all 4 cylinders.