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  1. Garbage parts store axles are the number one killers imho. They either shake the car to death until they fail or cause a fine shakiness/vibration that isn't bad enough to be a problem but causes a sense of "crappiness" that permiates the entire vehicle. They don't have nearly enough grease in them and Subarus put more angle on the axle than other vehicles. I actually get pissed at the idea that people throw away their money on JUNK from the parts store.
  2. Are you wanting to replace the input shaft seal? May want to consider the input shaft needle bearing too while it's split (if that's the seal you plan on replacing). Probably have to get that from Subaru, but honestly not entirely sure on that one.
  3. Subaru_dude

    '84 gl

    Could be a choke problem. Keeping an eye on this thread until a solution is found. I rebuilt an old weber and the hole where the choke rod went into the body of the carb was so worn the choke wouldn't work properly.
  4. Parts stores are a complete joke when it comes to axles for Subarus. Just go to the dealership. More than likely the axle will be trash in the long run anyway.
  5. Well said grossgary. This forum gave me the confidence to tackle a headgasket job on an ea82 with NO prior mechanical experience and was helpful enough that I actually got it back on the road. You will also grow to love and respect the horizontally opposed engine. It's a workhorse and Subaru did an excellent job with the rest of the car too.
  6. Subaru_dude

    What is the limit of 4wd? 91 LOYALE

    Dual range makes a huge difference. Well worth the swap if you regularly venture out onto steep trails.
  7. Subaru_dude

    My new to me 2000 Outback.

  8. Subaru_dude

    My new to me 2000 Outback.

    240,000 miles, base model with 5 speed but 6 disc cd changer and cold weather package. Solid car. Not a single scrape on the undercarriage.
  9. Guess I could chime in a little. Yeah, go for the H6. Stout motor, better sound. Just don't drive like you're in a hurry and they get decent mileage. The 3rd gen is probably going to feel the most planted on road, while the 4th gen has more room and is more offroad capable if a bit rolly polly.
  10. I wanna see pics of this car! Sounds like you're happy, congrats!
  11. It will be five years ago this coming December. I rolled my 96 Outback on king springs off the road and totalled it. That car was very special to me because at the time I came across it it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. 5 speed, EJ22, from IDAHO. The thing was GORGEOUS. Shifted like it was brand new even with 186,000 miles. This was August of 2008. http://i.imgur.com/zeuADq7.webp I was working construction under the searing sun, making good money. $2800 cash for a car worth 3900 according to kbb so I didn't even try to talk them down. Seemed like a very nice middle aged couple who only needed one car and had an automatic Kia. In a year it had king springs, brand new KYB struts, PIAA fogs on the bumper and Yokohama Geolanders mounted on 16" Forester wheels. http://i.imgur.com/cPL9oJG.webp http://i.imgur.com/H1BG35Z.webp http://i.imgur.com/01U0Mum.webp It took me wheeling with lifted Jeeps, stock Jeeps, trucks, 4 wheelers, and dropped I don't even know how many jaws with it's astonishingly sleeper capabilities off road. Even had it in water up to its hood! Didn'wash all the way up to the windshield but the headlights were completely submerged (and yes, front and rear diff breathers). That was my 10th Subaru, and it was the best one I had ever had. Many MANY adventures off road into the mountains here in the Southeast. Then I totaled it. http://i.imgur.com/pg4NtvS.webp When I heard the crunch, I told myself out loud "the Outback is gone" and somehow, I let it go. Saying goodbye to that car didn't hurt, but part of me changed. I don't do the irresponsible things I used to do. When you're involved in an accident like that, you're just glad to be alive. When my mom got there, she chewed my butt up and down. I couldn't be mad at her, or anybody. I was just glad I was there. Fast forward to just a few weeks ago, I'm detailing cars at Ford. Dude trades in a moss green 2000 Outback for a, wait for it, 2003 CREW CAB S-10. Actually not a bad looking truck, dark sand color and the crew cab is appealing. I'm mildly interested in the Outback, always thought that bodystyle wasn't the best looking. Then I see it's a 5 speed, and that practically makes my mouth water being that I've been driving an automatic 96 Toyota Camry for 2 years. Talk about soul crushing. Then I see it has 240,000 miles and that pretty much instantly makes me want to turn away but before I did I noticed the 6 disc cd changer, and the heated seat buttons. HMMMM. Let's see how it drives and give it a good look-over. I clean it, get it on the lift, take it for a drive. Pretty much seemed solid except it needed a ball joint in the driver side front. Decide that if it disappears when the auction happens, oh well. I ABSOLUTELY don't need a car payment. Also, the last 3 of the vin are 666 and I would have to take out my first ever loan to buy it. I'm not too superstitous but, the mark of the beast isn't anything I want to have anything to do with. Well I decide screw it I want it, take out the loan and buy the dang thing. http://i.imgur.com/baVjyjH.jpg Just bought a BRAND NEW alternator out of a junkyard car for 45 bucks and was going to buy a new one for $160 until I stumbled across it at the Subaru only junkyard today. Turns out, the dude who owns the junkyard turned 66 today too. Just a strange coincidence that tells me I'm on the right path. Here's to good times!
  12. Subaru_dude

    Won't restart when warm

    Coolant temp sensor went out on my sisters ej22, did the same thing you're describing.