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  1. Been working on my '84 Brat lately. A few years ago I bought a Hitachi Carb from a junkyard, but I can't remember what it came off of. Was wondering if anyone could ID it, and could maybe give some insight on if I can use it on my Brat. Excuse me if I don't know the technical names of some of the parts. The one on the left is the Hitachi out of my 1984 Subaru Brat. The one on the right is the Hitachi from the junkyard. Noticeable differences: Original carb has two metal doohickies on the rear (circled) while the junkyard carb has only one. Original carb has mechanical/electrical solenoid on the left, yellow wire. Junkyard carb has all electrical. Original carb has a hose attached on the front (circled), the junkyard carb does not have this hose attachment. Junkyard carb has a hose going from the metal doohicky on the lower rear to the top of the carb. Original carb does not have such connection. I actually installed the junkyard carb and attached all the hoses, and was left with an extra hose with no connection, due to the junkyard carb not having the hose connection on the front. Car started and idled normally and throttle worked fine, however I was worried about the extra hose so I came here to ask the pros. The hose I'm talking about his highlighted in the second picture, I took pictures of everything before I unhooked the original carb, and labelled each hose. Anyone have any info on the mystery carb and if I can use it? Thanks in advance. Can get more pictures if needed.
  2. Long time no post. Been trying to get my Brat registered again. Anyway. I was putting in a new coil today and had a question on the wires. I know that black wire w/ white stripe = positive, and that yellow = negative. However I've got 2 wires leftover that I'm not quite sure of. Picture here: http://chattypics.com/files/ignitioncoil_ronoigylbk.jpg So here's how I have it hooked up right now. I just want to see if what I've done is correct. Specifically wire #1 and #6. Wire 1 - Negative. The wire is solid black and attached to the little metal thing with the screw to the left of the ignition coil. It goes to a ground on the engine block so I assumed negative. Wire 2 - Negative. Yellow wire Wire 3 - Positive. Black w/ white stripe Wire 4 - Positive. Black w/ white stripe Wire 5 - Negative. Yellow wire. Wire 6 - Positive. Yellow wire, but goes to carb. Car would turn over but never start with this unhooked, or with this hooked to negative. Once I hooked to positive car starts fine. Once again looking for input as to what I've done is correct, specifically #1 and #6. Thanks!
  3. Harvester

    BOSS 6 lug hub modification service

    I am very interested in this. Let me finish my rear disc conversion on my '84 Brat and I will be messaging you sometime soon. What is the 6 Lug Bolt pattern so I can start looking for some wheels
  4. Well my Brat is a few months past re-registering here in Utah, and of course I have to get another emissions test done. Passed with flying colors last year, however I had a few worries this year since I adjusted the air mixture and idle screw over the winter a bit. This time I decide I'll replace the distributor completely with a new one to try and fix the pesky "dead spot" at about 1500-2000RPM in 2nd/3rd gear. Found a rebuilt distributor on eBay listed for '84 Brat. Took the Brat & disty to the japanese engine shop, told em to put in the new distributor, new plugs, new wires, and adjust the carb a little bit and do emissions. They call me back and say the distributor I got does not match the one in the car. So I have them just order a cap and rotor for the disty already in there. Come back today and they have ordered the part 3 different times from 3 different places and they never get the right one. The cap on the disty in the Brat right now is a light brown/tan color as opposed to the dark black on the new one I purchased. Were there different distributors for the 84 Brat? I really need to find the right parts so I can get this thing passing emissions again!
  5. I am taking a paint your own car class at my college this coming semester. I came across a picture of a Subaru STX Baja prototype from 2000 on this page: http://bestcars.gdo.kiev.ua/subaru/index.php?mod=baja&p=2 Does anyone know if it is possible to find the paint codes for the orange top color and the gold/brown bottom color? I will be painting my 84 brat in a 2tone similar to this, the interior is the old tan/brown color. I was thinking for the top tone something similar to either Omaha Orange or Tangerine Twist from this page. http://www.paintforcars.com/acrylic_enamel_paint.html But I can't find a good gold/brown for the bottom tone. Anyway let me know what you think or any suggestions. Thanks
  6. Harvester

    Allied Armament Super Christmas Group buy

    Count me in for the EA81 Lift Kit.
  7. I'll be waiting when you post the prices, I'm looking to buy an EA81 lift for my 84 Brat. -Harv
  8. Harvester

    1975 Subaru 1400 (Pics)

    You can contact the Wrecking Yard here is their Card *EDIT* Area Code is 801 *EDIT* When first contacted they said they don't sell it and once it is in the yard it stays there. If anyone wants to try to buy it go ahead. I am a college student in Utah, I live in a student apartment complex, I have no trailer, nor any room to keep a car on a trailer in our parking lot. If someone gets a trailer, has a place to keep it, and wants to try to show up with everything and some cash, I can come with you and help you put it on the trailer (If the yard accepts your deal) My Brat has a hitch and can pull a trailer, but you would have to have someplace to keep the car after pickup. If someone in Utah has a garage and wants to try to buy it, I might pitch in some if we could keep it somewhere where we could work on it on the weekends maybe. If I had a trailer, and lived in a house with a garage I would try to get it, but alas I'm a student. You can try to explain to the yard maybe that you're a member of a Subaru Club (USMB) maybe that will work. I will be going back tomorrow morning to get the rear disc conversion for my Brat off another car in the yard. Good Luck -Harv
  9. Thanks guys, I'll get the darn things off this week!!
  10. Harvester

    1975 Subaru 1400 (Pics)

    It's at State Street Auto Wrecking on the way south on st street from Provo to Springville. They actually have about 10-15 subarus. There are a few early 80's models which I was able to get some parts for my Brat from, a lot of mid to late 80's wagons, one turbo XT DONT GO STEAL MY DISC BRAKES! An outback, and some 90's legacy wagons. There are several cars with the stylish rims from the 80's like what is on this Brat in the gallery: http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/photos/showphoto.php?photo=7055&sort=1&size=medium&cat=500&page=1 There is only one turbo car so only 1 disc conversion, and I am trying to get the rear hubs/rotors off but I ran out of time today. I will have to go back next week to get the rest of the conversion. - Harv
  11. Ok well today I found an XT Turbo at the junkyard and decided to take the rear discs off to put on my Brat. I got the caliper off, and the 36mm nut, and the lugnuts, but I cannot pull the hub/rotor off. Now that I notice it the guide says "Sometimes the cone washer wont want to come loose, use your hammer and gently tap the spindle and the sides of the rotor until the cone-washer pops out of place." that was definitaly my problem. I can't get that cone-washer off so I can pull the hub/rotor off. Any help or tips would be appreciated. I will go back next week with a mallet and try loosining that cone-washer so I can get disc brakes for my brat! P.S. Check out my thread on an old 1975 Subaru 1400 that was at the junkyard http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/showthread.php?t=43979
  12. I found this sitting in a junkyard near here today. It's a 1975 Subaru 1400. It looks to be in excellent condition. Why would someone let this thing be taken to a junkyard is beyond me. 7 Pictures i took with my Digital Camera http://www.putfile.com/travbooth - Harv
  13. Provo, LoL I don't have a garage but I think my friend has enough space at his house for me to work on it. I'll have to see. I live in an apt. complex, still a college student - Harv
  14. Ok so I've enough money saved to buy a lift kit for my 1984 Brat. I'm looking at these wheels: U.S. Wheel 20 Series White Blade Wheels 14" http://store.summitracing.com/default.asp?target=partdetail.asp&autofilter=1&Ntt=+USW%2D20%2D4760&N=0&part=USW%2D20%2D4760 With these tires: Kumho Venture MT27X8.5QR14 (26.5" Overall Diameter) http://www.tirerack.com/tires/Sizes.jsp?make=Kumho&model=Venture+MT Of course I'll have to get my rear disc conversion done (found some turbos in the JYs last week) Then my hubs drilled to the 6 pattern. Now I've done a search and found all the threads and it seems that you can run anything smaller than 28" Diameter tires on a 3/4 lift. I just wanted to confirm that these rims/tires will work with the experts. As for the lift kits. Allied Armament and Ozified both sell them. I'm interested in a 3/4 Lift for my EA81 1984 Brat. How easy are these things to install? I know they are just 'Bolt on' but are the instructions good enough for someone who has never done much more than oil changes, brake changes, and other basic tune up stuff? I just don't want to get into it and then find out it's way over my head. So if anyone with experience with either of the lifts can offer suggestions or their experience I would love it. Any other tips, suggestions, or pictures of your setup are welcome. Thanks! - Harv EDIT: Forgot to mention that I do have a Weber 32/36 that I will be installing this weekend. Thanks A-DOG