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    this is my third Subaru, past ones a 80 GL wagon and a 81 Gl wagon, just picked up a 91 Loyale wagon. I ride motorcycles as much as i can.
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  1. I wonder if Allied has made a lift kit for the '07/08s yet?
  2. Todd in Seattle

    Anyone In West Seattle get Soob broken into?

    B.A.C. Big Assed Capacitor ! I really dont/didnt want to spend the money on an alarm for this car. I dont even have a stereo in there. just the stock Soob am/fm/cassette. I am either being targeted because soobs are easy to get into or one of my neighbors has it out for me. OR they think they can find a garage door remote in the car to get to my motorcycles! We just bought an 08 Impreza 2.5i and thought no one would even look twice at the old Loyale, boy was I wrong. back in the old days, we would have hot glued razor blades to the back side of the stereo!
  3. Not the STI, but with about 850 or so miles on it, we love it. Wife's car, I got my 91 Loyale back, so I dont get to drive it much. It is the perfect size for our family (one 4 year old little girl), will pack full of groceries and still have room, and what little snow driving we have done in it, it rocks. It seems to be a very heavy car. Feels solid like an old Saab 900 in many ways. I know change is hard in the styling dept, but face it, how many Ricky Racers are out there with the kind of money Suabru wants verus a two income small family. They are moving in the direction that will sell more cars, its called a free-market. Personally I would have bought a WRX years ago if I could have gotten it WITHOUT all the wings, flares and hood scoop. I dont want to be raced by teenagers at every stoplight. I like an old fashioned sleeper. All the go and no show.
  4. I have a 91 Loyale that has been broken into 3 times in the last three months. At first I thought it was because my wife used an Old Navy bag for garbage and it was near x-mas. Then it happened again, this time cleaning all the change out of the center console, then it happpened again last friday evening. They must have been super bummed, as all they got was a pack of gum. There is NOTHING in the car now and I will leave the glovebox, ashtray and the center console open from now on. It seems they have figured out that wedging something between the glass and the trim can get them enough room to reach the lock. P.s. I live in S.W. West Seattle, near White Center, yeah I know.
  5. Hi Ya'll, we added a 2008 Impreza 2.5i to the roster this last weekend. In the fury of paperwork crossing the desk of the salesman, we signed up for the Subaru Added Security Maintenance Program. Question is: Do we REALLY need it? Has anyone ever used it and what was you experience? Thanks, Todd in Seattle, 91 Loyale "Black in Black" 08 Impreza 2.5i "too new for a name"
  6. Hey folks, I have a 91 Loyale that has some kind of aftermarket rear coilovers that lifts the back of my car about 2"-2.5" higher than stock Loyales. I was wondering if anyone sells just the front parts to the lift kits or does anyone have a drawing so i would make it myself? I am a machinist so that wont be a problem. I am also thinking about making an old-school pushbar out of 2.5" dia tubing, but I am having a hard time finding a place to mount it that loks structuraly strong enough to take a pull or a push if need be.. Thanks, todd in White Center aka west seattle
  7. Which one of the autoparts stores is most likely to have some pads instock for a 91 Loyale? I refuse to go to Shucks anymore, because every time i end up with the wrong part(s). Thanks, Todd now in White Center!
  8. Here is a word of advice to ya'll. If your starter motor occasionally doesnt want to turn or just klicks, CHECK THE WIRES TO THE SYLENOID "BEFORE" you go to NAPA and drop $89.99 on a new starter. The big positve wire with the nut was loose as a goose. I am lame, Todd in Seattle ( now White Center! )
  9. Anyone tell me who I should order the DIN adapter from? Or does any one have them in stock like Shucks, Auto Zone, ect???? I am getting tired of the stock unit and miss more than 5 pre-sets. Also, what size are the front speakers? kick my butt for being lazy later later, todd
  10. Sounds fun. I have been thinking about touring type drives alot lately. Must involve a snow run! later, todd
  11. Todd in Seattle

    Post your WCSS7 pics here

    Here are some of mine as single links, feel free to use and distrabute them as use wish, just dont make t-shirts with 'em http://home.earthlink.net/~doodies/wcss-5.jpg http://home.earthlink.net/~doodies/wcss-4.jpg http://home.earthlink.net/~doodies/wcss-3.jpg http://home.earthlink.net/~doodies/wcss-2.jpg http://home.earthlink.net/~doodies/wcss-1.jpg I REALLY like the light green wagon with the Pug wheels, who's is it? later, todd
  12. Todd in Seattle

    WCCS7 pretty cool!

    I too drove down EARLY sat morning. Hung out took some pics, I had to be back in Seattle by 2 so I left before the action. I was the guy rolling around in the black Loyale with bike racks taking pics and asking questions about lifting EA82s. I was gonna take her trailin, but SooberDave told me my car was too nice to take out into the trails that were too narrow, so I played in the mud hole for a bit. Thanks to the planners, thanks to Subaru for the free hat. Maybe next year I can stay all weekend. later, todd
  13. Todd in Seattle

    Subaru capital of the US?

    (swinging dead cat hitting Soobs, Saabs and coffee shops!) You cannot even go down the street here in Ballard (a neighborhood north of seattle) without seeing a Soob or Saab. just kidding, I like cats, Todd in Ballard
  14. Anyone goin early Sat? Say, leave Seattle around 8 or 9 am? maybe a little later? I got another car coming with me and possible 2 more. later, todd
  15. Todd in Seattle

    Motobike on the Brat ?

    Homer Simpson " Mmmmmmm Super Moto!" Man I want a Duke! Pure Hooligan bike. I have a 1972 Yamaha XS-2 cafe racer, and a 91 Yamaha FZR 600 that has gotten the Rat/Super Moto treatment. later, todd in Seattle/Ballard