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Found 2 results

  1. In This Writeup: ► Understanding How a Relay Works. ► Knowing which Wire is for, at the Round Relays. ► How to Swap the Old Worn Relays with Newer, more Capable ones. ► Finding the Location of the Relays on a Subaru EA82 (Third Gen Leone / Loyale) ► Learning to Wire New Relays if Desired... in case you wanna Run Halogens, Bigger Horns, etc... ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ First of All: I Hope this Write Up will Help anyone with Electrical Problems due to bad Relays, Such as Power Windows, Air Conditioneer, HeadLamps, Halogens ...etc... also you'll learn how a Relay Works and How to Easily Wire New Relays. You Know that when you Switch Almost Anything Electric in your any car There is a Relay Takin' the Main Job of Sending the Power to the Accesory you Switched On; the Switch that you Touch or Handle, is just a "Remote Control Signal Sender" to those Relays. Very Long Long Time Ago, I had Problems with my Subarus' Electric Powered Windows, and then Long time ago with the Air Conditioneer too, I Found that the Fault of Slow Workin' / Non Workin' Power Windows was due to a Bad Relay; Also The good ol' subies had A/C Engaging & keep workin' Compressor Problems. An Easy Fix Would be to Just Change the Round Original 22 Amps Relay, But Those Relays aren't Easy to Find, They Need the Whole 12V Power to engage Properly, they are Expensive, and they are only 22 Amps Rated ... ... Beside that at this point of the wirings' life, their Sockets (Plugs) Could be burnt too... In my Own humble opinion, the Best Solution of All is to Swap There Bosch Standard Relays. I've Done it to the Main A/C Relay, the Two Auxiliary A/C Relays, the Power Windows' Relay, and the two HeadLamps Relays. I'll Explain How To do that swap Here, with Photos. Bosch Standard Relays comes in Many Quality Brands, Not Only Bosch (By the way, I Saw Bosch's Made in Portugal, Germany and Brazil, rated at different Amps) There are many Other Brands that Make the Bosch Standard relays, like Hella, Wagner, Flösser, Osram, Sylvania, Potter & Brumfield ... etc ... so They are Easy to Find, They are Cheaper than stock round relays, and Give Better / Faster Response; they just need as Little as 8 Volts to Engage, also Bosch Standards are more Reliable, and are Rated from 30 Amps to 40 Amps, so They'll Last Longer too ... ... Warning! - Please Forget about Cheapo bad quality relays. In Example, This is a photo of a "Potter & Blumfield" 40 Amps Relay, Made in USA, The one that I've Swaped in, instead the Main A/C Relay Under the DashBoard: But to Swap a Bosch Standard Relay in your Subie, You'll Need to Cut off the Subie's Plug and Weld there a Bosch Standard Plug ... Or use an Adaptor. I'll Explain How to do That Too, is Easier than you Could Imagine, but keep Readin' Carefully, and Do Not Forget to Remove one of the Battery Terminals prior to Start Cutting / Welding any Wire. Please: Be Careful While doing this, follow this instructions at your own Risk. The Plugs' Swap is needed to be Done just once for each Relay Unit; then in the Future if you Need to Change any Bosch Standard Relay, the Plug Stays, you only Need to Pull the old Relay from it, and put there a Fresh New Relay; and That's it!
  2. Hi All !!! I use to Drive too much during Night Times, sometimes during huge Rainstorms. To drive on the Roads at Night's Deeps can be Dangerous due to the many problems we got on our Developin' country, like Huge Potholes on the Roads, not enough Signals, Some Roads are just Ground (no Pavement at all) and many beasts (Like Cows, Horses, Donkeys, and Drunk Drivers) are ussually Crossing the Roads very fast without any care... (Yes, Honduras is called "The Alice Country" due to its "Wonderland" Features ) ...so, a Good Light Beam is Really Necessary here, to reach your destination alive. Sometime ago I've posted about Changin' the 9004 Halogen Bulbs (Ussually 45 Watts Low / 65 Watts High - Wider Range) with 9104 Bulbs (80 W Low / 100 W High - Larger Range) See this comparison Photo for Reference: But they became scarce here, as many Good Quality Parts... now only low quality chinese parts are widely avaliable. So, this is the Light Pattern I have on my Subie, using: ► the Headlamps on Low: ► the Headlamps on High: ► High Beams + the Under Bumper Halogens: So, You clearly notice that the Under Bumper Halogens are Much More Brighter than the Headlamps. I use Flösser 100 Watts Bulbs on the Under Bumper Halogens, also the HeadLamps' bulbs are suppossed to be rated at the same 100 Watts too... but Under Bumper ones are really Much Brighter, big Difference. I've Already Checked the Connectios, Relays, etc ... every single Thing is just Fine, so I think that those 9104 Bulbs (or 9004) aren't really Enough for those huge Headlamps ... I don't Like that the Under Bumper Small Halogens gives me the only "Good Visibility" for the Road, as the main HeadLamps are weak. But that seems to be normal on those 9004 / 9104 Headlamps if you Compare their Brightness with Modern Standards, even with the more common H4 halogen bulbs. By the way, the Later EA82 Subarus, featured H4 Halogen bulbs instead the lousy 9004, also their headlamps' Housing is Plastic, despite of keeping the Glass lense; but that is in our LADM (Latin American Domestic Market) Specs Subarus, those were not offered in USDM. Let me show ya: But to Swap my 9004 Headlamps with H4 Headlamps, is very expensive. So: Time to Upgrade to H.I.D.'s ? I Don't wanna Hurt anybody's eyes with Extra Illumination Power on the Main HeadLamps, so if I go H.I.D, I'll Adjust 'em to the Best; I think I Really Need that Extra Power, for Safety. So, here goes the Questions: ► If I Will Do the H.I.D. Conversion, Which Kind of Light Colour is Better? I Really Dislike Blue Coloured Light, 'cos it Seems to be "Absorved" by the Wet Pavement... Too Dark to be Safe, so: 6500K, 8000K? ► Here in the Market are easier to Find 6000K Kits ... They seems to be not too Blue, around "White" ... What do you Think about? ► If I Do the Conversion, I Will Need more Space to Place the Ballasts, so the Overfill Plastic Tank for the Radiator, Should be Moved... Any Advice? Any other Idea / Suggestion \ Advice is Welcome! Thank you, Kind Regards & Blessings.
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