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Found 3 results

  1. Hello guys, I would like to have some light into a project I dare to start a few days ago, however, I'll appreciate a lot if somebody could have some useful info about this topic. Well, I am working in a EJ20E JDM NA engine rebuild. I have in hand both complete EJ22E NA USDM heads and I am thinking to use them in this engine, in order to get more power and performance. When comparing all heads side by side, here what I got from a visual inspection: 1) Valve base have different diameter. For EJ20E intake valves are 32 mm and exhaust are 28, while EJ22E intake valves are 36 and exhaust 32 mm. 2) They look very similar. Same holes, external size, water and oil channels, same bolts holes location and position. 3) I can't see any difference between camshafts, however, they could have a different valve lifting time, but I don't have proper tools to measure this. 4) EJ20E is SOHC, exactly the same than EJ22E. The first one brings 92 mm pistons, while EJ22E is about 97 mm. So, first one only delivers 116 HP, compared with 135 HP delivered by EJ22E. 5) EJ20E has a slightly lower compression chamber, what is not noticeable in a simple view. This is for sure due to it uses smaller pistons. All heads have a twin chamber in exhaust ports with 3 bolts, so they look exactly the same. My question is: do you consider I could have a loss of power if I use these EJ22E heads in an EJ20E block? Does anybody have more useful info that could give me more technical specs or useful tips in order to have more performance of this engine? P.D.: I am porting and polishing these EJ22E heads... Thank you for your comments! Elver.
  2. I have a 1999 Legacy GT with the 2.5L EJ25D (dohc, phase 1) and I want to swap the heads. Now I know that I'll need new 2.2L heads with dual port so I don't need to change my exhaust, and I've read that you need a new timing belt. (Donor car will likely be 1995 Legacy 2.2L) Now here are the issues: - Do I need to use the 2.2 head cam sprockets or can I use the ones from the 2.5? - Besides the previous question, do I need anything else other than the 2.2 belt for the timing system? - The bolt pattern for the 2.5 manifold I have has bolts in a straight line, however the 2.2 heads I've seen (1995 and older) have diagonal bolts. - Can I use the 2.5l head bolts? I have a new set which I will use. 14mm 12 point. - Is the bolt pattern the same? My current one has 6 bolts, 3 on top behind the top cam, and 3 down low behind the bottom cam. - If the donor engine (2.2L) didn't have HG issues should I still get the heads planed by a machine shop? - Should I get new valves seats/guides/valves/springs or is that overdoing it? Pics are here (2.5l head, block and manifold): http://imgur.com/a/ExhsZ
  3. Hi Guys, About a month ago, i scored a 1985 XT Turbo for a great price, in near-perfect shape visually, and it drove pretty damn good to boot... Since im new to Ru's, I took it to a trusted Subaru-only mechanic to give it a good once-over. I had noticed the temp had been reading too high for my comfort level, which was my main concern. Long story short: he claimed he checked it w/a heat gun and that the sensor was likely bad or a thermostat issue. Told me I was fine, flushed the tranny (which made me twitchy), put on a new set of belts & sent me on my way. Couple weeks later, the rough starts begin. Flooring it cleared it up, which seriously concerned me. I sensed coolant was getting into the combustion and fouling it up. A week later, I stalled in the road... Brought it to another mechanic, he found the bad head after I traced a coolant leak & showed him. I don't think the block is bad as he's quoting me on the head & labor (hopefully, still waiting on est.) ------------------ The Big Questions: --------------------- 1. How hard is it to change the head myself? 2. Am I correct in my research that this model (front wheel drive turbo) sports the EA-82T? 3. Is there a good source for parts you're aware of if they try to take me to the cleaners? 4. Is there more that can be wrong after this & I may want to have a pro looking at it anyways? 5. I found this, is this what I'm looking for? http://parts.subaru.com/p/Subaru_1985_XTGL10-TURBO/HEAD-ASSEMBLY-CYLINDER-------------------92----B/49223305/11039AA780.html Thanks to all for reading and for any potential advice you have to offer. I will be a regular here if I can keep this thing running tip-top without draining the bank account...