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Found 4 results

  1. I have a 2002 Forester 5 speed AWD. When accelerating from a dead stop, letting out the clutch pedal, it frequently shakes the car like it is possessed by demons. I combat this by revving the motor a bit and/or double clutching. It does not do it once the car is moving. Also, it does not occur when the car is cold and gets noticeably worse after it has been driven awhile, fairly consistent then but still somewhat intermittent. Once the car is moving there is no sign of it, even accelerating heavily in upper gears. No bearing noise. Clutch was recently professionally replaced. Crawled under the car to check u-joints and drive line coupler. Only thing I could find was the rubber mount in the center driveshaft bearing coupler had a little play when I tried to twist it (very little but enough to see). The shaking feels like it starts in the tranny area but quickly transfers to the back/differential area. Any ideas what is causing this and how to fix it? Thanks, Joe
  2. Only after driving 20-30 minutes on the highway out of nowhere the front of the car will start shaking significantly. Still happening in neutral while coasting at speed and during shake pushing the gas pedal seems to cause little to no speeding up. Don't think it is in steering wheel and is more in engine I think. Enough shaking to make me pull over and shut down. And then when I start back up and get up to speed it seems to be ok again. Talked with local dealer and he thinks it could be bad wheel bearings given it needs to warm up before being an issue. Any thoughts anyone? 2009 Subaru Legacy, non turbo, 101k miles, already replaced CV coupling and some other maintenance. Thanks Josh
  3. The PandaWagon has developed this low frequency vibration below 15 MPH. It's most noticeable under acceleration, but if you push the clutch in and let it roll, you can still feel it. Kinda a thump thump thump kind of sound in the floorboards. Doesn't matter the gear. Once I'm above 15, it's smooth not one hint of vibration- even over 80. Last time I had it out, I went on about a 200 mile drive. It was fine till about half way through the drive and it showed up again and as I worked my way home, the shake was getting really bad. At one point, the shake was rattling something up front - a dull metallic sound. Again, only below 15 MPH. I've always had a ever slight vibration from the rear on take off for the last 10K miles. Especially when loaded. I figured it was the rear LSD. Well, it's gotten really bad in the last 3 or 4 weeks. All the axles have no bad boots and are quiet. I've felt the drive shaft - no play in the u-joints. I've been searching around looking for similar symptoms. So far, this is what I need to look at: Axles Drive Shaft Rear Diff Transmission? (btw it's a FT4WD 5 speed) Engine/Trans Mounts Rear Diff mounts? Wheel bearings have no play Trans is about a half quart down, could that cause it? I'll be topping that off shortly. I'm planning on changing the fluid in the rear diff, if that makes no difference, then I'll drop the driveshaft and check if there is a seized u-joint. The engine mounts are good, not sure on the trans mounts though. From reading some of the other threads around here, it could be a DOJ. I can try swapping sides to see if that makes any difference. But it's still there when power is not applied, so.....maybe not? anything else I should check? Thanks
  4. My car normally rumbles all the time, like a fast swaying feeling. It's not a noise, it's what I feel when I'm sitting inside. It is fine when I drive. It's usually fine when I stop. It normally idles at about 800 - 900 rpm's, sometimes 500 rpm's. Recently it's been doing it worse, but chooses when to. Today it was fine. It seems like letting it sit without driving makes it occur, say 1-2 days. It lasted for at least half of my drive if not more. I went to O'Reilley's and the guy there was stumped more than me. It almost felt like it was misfiring a few days ago, like one of the cylinders wasn't turning fully and that the ratio was off. It scared me when the rpm's went all the way down to the first white line, very low, and it was swaying a lot more than I'm used to. It got worse if I accelerated in neutral; it would come down and low-rev shake more. It made me feel like it had 6 months or so until that shaking turns into an engine that just stops running out of no where. Ideas: Throttle wire tension not to spec, Spark plugs, vacuum leak, EGR, timing. Note: MPG Perfect I checked the MPG twice in a row. It's still 27 mpg (Perfect, to spec). In fact it's 27.09 MPG going 80 MPH - 90 MPH, and 27.11 MPG going 75 MPH. I use 89 sometimes, but mostly 91. (92 requirement). I never use 87 and never will. Note: No Check Engine Light Any other 6 cylinder subaru owners with similar problems? 2002 Subaru Outback H6 3.0 VDC Sedan - Engine: EZ30D If you can give me some help in narrowing down the issue I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you!
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