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Paul in Alaska

91 Legacy - how do I replace front signal bulbs?

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I'm having some issues trying to find a way to change the

front signal bulbs on my wife's 1991 Subaru Legacy wagon.

There doesn't seem to be any way of doing it from the

inside/under the hood.

Do I really have to take off the outer light casing? Or go under the bumper? That seems a little much to change a


Does anyone know how?



Palmer, Alaska

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On the sides of the turn signal lenses there should be two Philips head screws.

They are accessible from the front of the car, just remover them, pull the light

assembly forward, pop the socket out of it, replace bulb, reinsert the socket,

and screw light assembly back down to the bumper.




PS: The turn signals are the amber colored lights on the bottom of the bumper.

PPS: Ignore ^^^

I have changed bumpers 3 times on my 90 lego, he's referring to the marker lights.

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yes, the marker light (next to the headlight) has one phillips head screw under the hood - undo the screw and wiggle light housing slightly forward and to the side to get to the bulb socket. there are two clips on the back edge of the housing that hold it in place against the fender.

twist bulb socket counterclockwise to unlock it - change the bulb - reverse the process to reinstall...

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turn signals are in the bumper.................................................


otherwise one + screw on top and then pry the light out from the fender. it snaps into the fender

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