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Hill Holder into Gen1 Brat??

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While I was stripping my EA82 GL donor car, for the tranny and drive train. I noticed an extra cable coming off the clutch release lever. I couldn't see where it was going and didn't take the time to follow it to the other end.


It's raining outside now (typical WA weather for Jan), so I'm setting here looking thru the Haynes manual, clutch section and Walla! there it is "Hill Holder". I'm new to Subarue's but not to cars in general. I had never heard of a Hill Holder. I always rely on the hand parking brake in exptreme situations. And curse when I'm in a stick shift and have only a foot operated parking brake.


How well does the Hill Holder work. Sounds interesting and seems well engineered idea.


How difficult would it be to put this on my Brat?? (If I can find the room in the engine room/rail.


Very interesting conept:banana:


Comments and experiences in the GL or transpantation.



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That sounds encouraging. However, since I'm Swapping an EJ22 in and from what I have seen the room on the frame rail, near the Master Cylinder will be limited. I believe the orientation and solid mount is critical to the "trim" and fine adjustment to this. (after reading the procedures in the manual)


The cable shouldn't be that much of a problem since I'm using the EA82 tranny, just the routing and length of the cable, might be.


Thanks for the reply



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yes, it can be added, but you'll need tomodify your clutch cable bracket to accept the hill holder cable. I think if you mount it so it's level with the frame rail, you should be fine.


my '82 Brat came with one, but was bad. When I did the toyota axle build, and complete new brake lines (plumber like a regular truck (F-R), I plumbed it in to the rear line, and mounted it close to stock location. (original location was now occupied by steering shaft....)


if you use a hill-holder off an EA82, it has a smaller footprint for ease of mounting...


if the gen1 brat has the dual diagonal brakes like the ea81+ based soobs, then the mounting should be easier. I had to make a plug for one of my output ports.... ugly because of next bit on information.


Hillholder fittings are 10mm Inverted Flare. ea81 and ea82 soobs have the same size fittings on the brakelines. no sure about gen1, but I'd assme they are the same.

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It can be mounted anywhere the cable will reach to. That is the only limiting factor. New brake lines can be ran to it's location, and you'll have to re-do the lines anyways to install it on your 1st Gen.

Stock plumbed to the LF-RR brakes, but you can re-route as you wish.


It's basically a check-valve, works off of the angle of the vehicle and is adjustable as to what angle it functions at. Just add shim under front or rear mounting point to change angle. Can't say off the top of my head what the "stock" angle is but in stock form it's mounted directly to the frame rail.


It is a nice feature, but can be a pain if you need to roll backwards a bit on a hill.


With you doing the D/R-5speed swap, the cable for it will fit right where it should on the clutchfork of the trans. May have to custom mount the bracket that holds it at the clutch end doing the EJ swap, can't say one way or the other on that myself.

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