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Its fun when you can keep it under control. I am getting all the settings on the flight controller dialed in and its giving me a headache, but I think i finally got it.


here's some new video from yesterday:



But this morning when I was flying, my Transmitter batteries died and my tricopter kept flying in the direction it was heading... straight into my house :(


so now its in pieces. Only thing that broke was a couple nylon nuts & bolts holding my motor mounts to the frame, and 2 props. But im doing a full teardown so I can examine and re-build a few components... and im also going to add some stuff to make flying at night alittle more fun :)

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That thing is crazy! Crazy cool! Props for an awesome custom build! :headbang:


I have an E-flite Cx-3 that got me started in the air, and wanted to move to something a bit more advanced but the budget and time both crunched on me. Of my 5 various RC road based vehicles, I have driven only one in the last ~two years. And I flew the heli for the first time in almost a year about 3 months ago. I have about $250 worth of dead NiCd battery packs for the cars collecting dust along with all my other RC tools and spare/random parts. If I had the $ for some new Lipos I would certainly get at least one or two of them back into drive-worthy shape and go for a spin. But school = no spare $$. :(


After seeing this I think I need to break out the heli this weekend and fly it around. Maybe chase the neighbors cat since it sprayed my car a few days ago. :Flame:

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Had to go find a picture of my Slash rippin' it up in the snow. Nothing really special about it. Stock electronicals paired with a 17T Speed Gems brushed motor, and Pro-line Sand paws on the back (for the snow). Just enough to make it fly about 8-10 feet off a good ramp.




Kick those chickens!


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Good ole hobby king. I never could convince myself to spring for the cheapo lipos. I heard lots of good stuff about the Zippy's a few years back, but also heard they were a bit susceptible to puffing if used in offroad cars/trucks that got a lot of rough driving.

The LHS has some nice 2s 5000 mAh 35C hard case lipos for under $50. Should easily handle everything I drive.

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