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Kinda reminds me of when i was young i save up so long for a 9.6v turbo bandit. The cool pickup from tyco. Then i had to save up for the battery pack. 1st time i had the battery and truck together i was so excited, man it was fast. Drove it through a puddle and that was that. I turned it into walmart wich they issued me a refund back but they didnt have any more and they stoped makeing them shortly after that.




Granted its not as extreme as what most of you guys have but it was fun for 30 minutes none the less.

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I have a RC10GT , its 2wd stadium truck gas, havent had it out in the last 1-1/2 yrs I really like the Nitro its just finiky gettin started after sitting


Got the same truck! I love it. I need to replace a screw in the trans on mine, it's only $3 but it's about an hour of labor to replace it, and I just haven't done it yet. That and I need a new fuel tank by now as well :( I love nitro stuff :grin:


Now where's all your whirly birds and aeroplanes :lol: Controlling things in the air is SOOOOOOO much more fun :grin:

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These things are nuts. There's almost infinite (oxymoron) possibilities as to what you can do for mods for cheap. What a cool little addiction.


With the shelf body.




Action shots.






Ok fine, this one's posed.



Not this one. New rock pile is hard as hell.


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I think RC is soo cool. I would love to get into it...Especially the aviation part. I was blown away when I went into a local RC shop and saw how much some of the premo stuff cost. $3k for a frame :eek: :eek: :eek: thats nuts. I would rather spend that money on a real car and go fast. :lol:


Still cool stuff.

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It's been a work in progress. But I took some parts from an AX10 and some steel and welded myself up a Jeep. :)


It's all waterproofed so I can go nuts. Working headlights, tail lights, rocklights in all four wheelwells. Still not done, but they never are.












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Losi Mini Rock Crawler

ESPHobby long arm kit with chassis

Proline 2.2 tires and rims

Tamiya Subaru brat body100_0476.jpg






Axial SCX-10 Honcho kit

Tekin 35T motor and ESC

Proline 2.2 Falt Irons






I also have an AWD drift car with a 2004 WRX STI body. Its a LOT OF FUN!!!

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I don't have many pics of mine, but here is a vid



It is based on a HPI Wheely King. Lot's of custom work done to it. This thing does awesome. By far the funnest toy i have owned. Next on the list of mods is to re-do the weights in the tires and to redesign the motor placement in relation to the tranny and make a new chassis. Everything is way to tall right now.


I also just got my boy a mini Losi crawler. Maybe we will go get some pics today of the both of them.


Anyone excited about the new Axial? I think that thing is amazing



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I think the new axial is going to very capable and pretty affordable for a motor on axle rig. I can't wait to get one


I am doing pretty good. I deal with more pain than i thought i would, but i still can get out and play as hard as anyone...almost. How about you? life good?

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