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Swapping the 4.3Runner....IT RUNS!


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Step one on that list has been wiring. When I did the engine swap, I did what I tell everyone never to do....and that is install it unfinished, and diagnose as I went. This had actually started causing issues (extra wires, poor routing, not sealed, etc.), and because of how tight behind the engine it was routed it was not possible to adequately clean up the wiring, and finalize the install.

So, I pulled the intake manifold and distributor so I would have room to work, and pulled the GM harness completely back out. I've completely removed everything unused, I've shortened some of the wiring to clean up the install, I'll be using heat shrink fabric tubing to clean up the install and protect the wires. This way I can document exactly how it was done so a future owner doesn't have to reverse engineer what I did before being able to diagnose any issues.

I also did have an auxiliary fuse panel for some of my extra circuits mounted to the kick panel near the passenger door. I believe do to it's proximity to the door, this panel got some moisture in it, and corroded really badly. So, I've got a much nicer Blue Sea fuse panel that I'll be mounting behind the glove box. In an effort to get better routing for the wiring, I decided I would drill a new hole for the wiring to pass through right behind the A/C evaporator, and since the rest of the A/C system has been deleted, I swapped out the evap box for the duct out of a truck that didn't have A/C (ebay for about $30...):

This improves the amount of room behind the glove box immensely!! The fuse box will mount to the front side of it, and it leaves enough room above and behind it to mount the GM ECU safely.

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