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1.) i took my junkyard 32/36 dgav apart and the only thing i can't get out is the secondary throttle shaft, which comes out about 1/4" and then gets stuck. i am afraid to tap it out w/ a small hammer and punch. any suggestions?


2.) i was planning on just soaking the body parts in carb cleaner, blowing out all the little holes w/ compressed air, and putting it all back together w/ all the new parts in the rebuild kit. the manual sais to reseat certain points. i don't have the tools to do this. is this nesseccary, or should i just clean and re-assemble?


3.) i found a bunch of old posts about jetting, but nobody stated flat out what an ea81 (and how about ea71?) should be jetted at. anyone know what the manual sais? also i plan to compensate for altitude. i live at 5500 ft. and most of my driving is 5500 - 8000ft. there was one post that said you subtract 5 from your jetting for high elavation, another 5 for really high elevation. but that doesn't nesseccarilly make sense to me, shouldn't the air jets be bigger at high elevation? i assume a 170 is a bigger hole than 160.


4.) i think i would prefer a manual choke. easily done?



5.)anything else folks who have done this rebuild can suggest?

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Make sure the screws and throttle plates are out of the way. But then why are you taking the secondary apart? It never has wear on it. If you take everything apart except the secondary, there will be no problems. Make sure you take all the rubber parts out.


Regarding reseating. Forget that noise. The only things that would need that would be the idle jets. And I have not heard about them leaking in the past. Make sure you get a power valve diaphram if this is all coming apart. Or make sure the old one is not got pin holes in the rubber.


If you want to contact me directly, I know a lot about these carbs.



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