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Just put '07 Jeep Compass/Patriot seats in my 87 GL

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I bought these seats in 09 and they have been in storage ever since. The car they came from was wrecked in early/mid 08, so they have about a year of use on them.They are WAY more comfortable than the worn stock ones, they are all manually adjustable and they're heated too..:cool:














I did have to cut the stock rear outside seat mount off and also bash on the front subframe member the front mounts attach to, but it all went fairly well and very worth while. After looking at these pictures I realized I need to put the trim back on the sides.



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I pulled the carpet and all the interior plastic while I'm doing all my cutting/welding. When I'm done, the interior is going to be coated with bedliner top to bottom, complete with removable floor drains so I can hose out the floor after wheeling.



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