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What size winch to buy?

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Generally a 2K winch isn't enough. Yes, you can double line it to get 4K, but your distance is shortened and time to pull increased. 4K-6K is what I'd go with. The pull also depends on how stuck you get, incline, etc. The more stuck you are, the more power required. I have an 8K Ramsey planetary for my 3/4 ton Chev. Can't have one too big! lol

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2000lb. is gonna be small, even on a brat for serious wheeling. Rule of thumb on a winch is to go twice the vehicle weight, so a 4-5K winch is a minimun. I think super winch sells a 4500lb. winch for sidexsides, which I've heard good things. I'm going straight to a 8K warn eventually, because I know if I get a 4.5K, I'll wish I had a 8K.


Some people have run 2k winches just fine too..just depends on what your doing..




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