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Mitsubishi Head gasket (quick question)

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OK...I have this 48K 1.6 Mitsubishi (Plymouth Champ) that I have polishing up with all new externals, h2O pump, seals, timing belt, pulleys, etc and I'm wondering about the head gasket. I'm going to install it in my Champ. I know on low mileage Suby engines, (JDM imports), I have never had a bad one. This Mitsu engine is clean enough to eat off of and was stored in dry storage with "oiled" cylinders. It turns over with great compression. Again 48K


Is it worth it to replace the head gasket and go into to that work? I personally believe the stock/original assembly and gasket are worth at least a shot. I doubt that they would be bad.


Your thoughts?





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I would only consider it if that particular engine is known to have headgasket issues?


Also some headgaskets are easily done in the vehicle - that would also encourage me not to worry about it now.

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True...These inline engines are easy in the car. I will leave well enough alone! It all looks dry and new actually! Timing belt for sure. Interesting that this G32B is NOT interference. Even though it's an MCA jet engine.


Thanks, Todd

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