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I am about to tear my motor in my 03 forester X because my timing sproket bearings come out which led to the sprocket slinging off. i tried just replacing that and retiming it, but i still am not getting compression... I was just wanting to figure up some good pistons and rods that aren't OEM. I figure if Im going to have to rebuild i may as well add some horsepower too, but do not know where to look to find some good after market parts.


help Will be greatly appreciated.


ask questions if you need more details.



p.s. This Will be my first subaru build always been with muscle cars till i found this reliable car. To bad one small thing put it in my shop.

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Welcome to Ultimate Subaru, I'm sure some more knowledgeable people will come along soon to talk with you about pistons and rods.


I wanted to add one bit of unfortunately gloomy news for you though: your 03 motor is an interference motor. Therefore when the timing belt got thrown off you probably suffered valve damage.


If I remember correctly these engines don't tend to trash pistons when the timing lets go like that so you could stick with the existing internals and do up a set of rebuilt heads with performance cams in them or something. 

Good luck with it in any case.

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yes, valve damage.

but nothing else unless it threw a rod or dropped a valve.


so the good news is you can get back on the road with a valve job or replacement heads.

often only one side is bent.


plus, unless you go turbo, there isn't a lot to squeeze out of these engines.

or at least not enough to make it worth the money.

but that is just my opinion.


good luck and welcome .

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They like to get all 16 dont miss one have all valves checked even if they look good. I have had good luck with CP forged pistons and a'm geting some manley H beam rods to try suposed to be good for 600 hp. Also have many 2.51/2.53 heads here for parts if in need good luck and take your time rushing gets nowere

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