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read code for check engine light

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So, I'm driving home from the store last night and the old check engine light pops on.  Then it goes off after about 1 minute.


Car is running fine so there's no obvious reason for it.  Is there a way to read the codes without having to buy a code reader ? 


I tried to do a search but no success.  This forum does not allow search terms like "CEL" or "code".  "Check engine light" returns too many unrelated results.

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What are you driving?  Year - Model?


If its an EA82, you can 'read' the LED flashes on the ECU under the steering column.

Slow flash means a 10 digit, quick flash means a 1 digit.

i.e.: __  __  __  - - - -  would equal Code 34


The Svc manual has a break down on codes or post it here for comment.


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You would probably want to remove the panels above your knees at this point in time. Then when you get the next trouble light on your dash, you pull over into a parking lot or driveway and leave the car running. Then you get out of your vehicle and peek below the steering column for the flashing red light. Once you turn it off, you cannot read the codes anymore.

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Sorry.  It is a 1990 Loyale sedan, automatic, spfi


So to help me understand, I can only read the flashing LED while the Check engine light is on , or does the LED keep flashing so long as the ignition is on ?

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Okay, so I took the panel off, turned on the ignition and I see the LED.


It is flashing 8 quick short flashes followed by a pause, then it seems to just repeat.  8, pause, 8 pause....


Anyone know what that means ?

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