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92 Loyale turn signal problem

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Hi all!

I've searched previous posts and found others also frustrated with the lack of information about Subaru turn signal flasher location. Then, I wonder, maybe the flasher isn't my problem. What do you all think?

I have a 92 Loyale 4wd wagon. The rear turn signal lights work fine. The front lights come on with the headlights, but do not flash. They also do not flash with the 4-way flasher, though the rear lights do.

My initial thought was, is there a separate flasher for the front? If so, where is it? While my Chilton's manual says it's in the fuse panel, that's not so. Only fuses are there. :-( Or is this problem not that simple?

I swear I use my turn signals...I really do...it's just those people in front of me can't see them....

Thanks for any help!


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Unless it was changed for the 90 and up (loyale) model years, theres just one flasher unit that runs turn signals and hazards.


I don't mean to sound mean or anything... But you do know that the front corner lights do not flash with the hazards/turn signals right?


The front hazards/turn signals are inset in the front bumper.

Again, not trying to sound condecending.. I just know that I thought it was weird that the front corner lights don't flash.. and I have seen others(myself included) that thought there was something wrong because of it as well

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Oftentimes, a non-working flasher turns out to be a burned out bulb, or corroded socket.


I would go thru all the bulbs on each side, and rule out that possibility first. If you have spares, you can use the substitution method. A scotch brite pad should be adequete for cleaning up your sockets.


If it does turn out to be the flasher, you'll have to remove the lower dash trim. I believe it is located near (but not on) the fuse box on the Loys.


good luck, John

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I'm not sure what your setup is like............but on mine, I have two elements in the bulb. If one of your elements is toast, that would explain it.


Look at the bulb and see if it has two elements. One will be for running lights and one for the blinker.


Just a thought?



82 SubaruHummer

01 Forester

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