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Does anybody have any of the following for a gen 1 4wd wagon?


OEM rear '4wd' mudflaps


Rear hatch '4wd' emblem


OEM or aftermarket used AM/FM radio


...and I know these are really reaching, but


a front brush guard


inner door handle bezels


good heater core


the little label plate that goes on the end of the four wheel drive lever



Send me a list of what you have and a phone number and good time to call.      Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!




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Heater cores also work from a Dodge Colt, Get a heater cock too , there's one on eBay now.


What color interior is yours again? I have some remote covers for the inner handles and emblems too but buried away. I also have a front end protector, Hoping to get one more shot at storage before the real winter kicks in. I'll do my best but for sure take what comes along first if you are workong on this vehicle through winter.

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Rustybrat,  Sounds fine, not looking for much, just something that'll work with the stock speaker.  Lemme know if you feel like sticking it in a box to ship to me and what I'd owe ya.  Thanks.


PsychoSubath,  What year Dodge Colt?  And what's a heater cock, a drain valve of some kind for the heater core?  Or a shut off valve?  My interior is the tan color, but I can dye the things if needed.  Really interested in the rear hatch 4wd emblem and also the front end protector.  A road trip to get it isn't out of the question for me to save shipping costs.  Let me know what you feel like parting with and what you need for it. 


Thanks to both of you!       -Jeff

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RustyBrat,   I'll take the radio, my phone number is 717 225 6993 and my cell is 717 654 1328.  Give me a call before 2100 eastern Saturday and we'll set something up.  If no answer, leave a message with your number and I'll call you back.  If I can get a full width front end protector, I'd rather do that, but if I can't locate one, maybe we can do that too.

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