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My 78 BRAT project....

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Well man, it's pretty hard to get an idea from your descriptions, but I think first you need to check if you have power at the fuel pump.

You will have to do this with a test light or voltmeter across the two fuel pump wires where they connect to the pump. 

You will have to crank the engine over while looking at the light or meter for voltage. 

If you DO have power, then something is wrong with your pump, or the lines/tank is clogged.

If you don't have power, then you need to look to the voltage regulator and alternator. If either of them are not functioning properly, you will not get power to the pump.

You can also provide temporary jumper wires to the pump to see if it will run. You should be able to hear it clicking, and it will pump gas into your bucket if the fuel lines and tank are clear.

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Pump works fine when directly connected to the battery. I have continuity b/w the pump and the VR. The alternator tested good at Autozone. I havent been able to check the power going to the pump with cranking the engine. I have bypassed the tank with fuel cans.......and still same result. The pump isnt pumping. Is there a fusable link or something I should check? From what I have read the pump gets its power from the VR....and the VR gets its power directly from the Alternator. Not sure what the issue is.

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So..... I have continuity between all associated components and I still do not get power to my fuel pump. I have replaced the Voltage Regulator and pump itself. The generator tested good and I replaced the points/condenser. Battery is good and all fuses replaced as well. I currently have 2 pumps hooked up to test different grounds and still nothing. I bypassed the fuel tank and ran the fuel line to a gas can....still nothing. Any ideas?????? Has anyone ever seen a resistor block go bad? It is the only thing within the circuit I havent tested or replaced.

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