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1982 EA81 engine + Dual range Transmission: For Sale $200

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I have a good running EA81 subaru engine and a good working 5-speed dual range 4x4 4wd transmission with a brand new never used clutch. I was going to put this set up im my subaru brat but decided to go a diffrent route. Im selling this because im going to collage on March 3rd and I need it gone or it has to go to scrap. so im asking $200 OBO. thank you for your consideration. 
If you're intrested please call me at (541) 323-5000.

I'm located in Bend Oregon.

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Could anyone shed some light on the differences between the E81 and the E82 engines? Are they interchangeable? For instance, would this engine/trans combo fit in my '89 DL wagon? Would I be able too swap over my fuel injection and engine management system? Just curious. 



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If you can't find a buyer let me know id be willing to take them off your hands and might be able to give you some cash. bend isn't to far and id be willing to come pick them up but i've got a lot of stuff happening in the next couple months including a move and such hope you can find a buyer before hand


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