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1999 OBW... 2.5 AT. 194k

Runs smoothly & fine except:
right after putting in gas (doen't need to be a full tank) it won't catch. Starts but as soon as I let off the gas pedal it stalls. This happens a few times (3-5) then it runs fine & continually start on first crank...

Kind of like no fuel or no spark?

Any clues/hints/wisdom?



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odd - any check engine light or stored/pending codes?


any vacuum or pressure/'whooshing' detected when removing the gas cap?



I'm tempted to recommend some SeaFoam through a tank or 2 of gas and throttlebody cleaning but - both guesses.

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Probably a bad charcoal canister.  Filling the tank causes gas fumes to get pushed into the vent line and then into the charcoal canister.  If the canister doesn't work right (or is plumbed wrong) it will fill the intake with gas fumes and cause hard starting.


As a test remove the small vacuum line from the canister and plug it.  Then fill the tank and see what happens.  If the canister is indeed your problem, please fix it as the emissions from the gas tank are huge.

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