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EJ25D 2.5 DOHC - Advice for timing belt kit w/ water pump, idlers, tensioner

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I posted earlier tonight about a recent cylinder misfire. In that thread, Fairtax4me suggested that I make sure my timing belt hasn't slipped. But even if the timing belt isn't the source of my current engine dilemma, I figure I should make that my next DIY project. Supposing I want to order a complete timing belt component kit, including idlers, tensioner, and a water pump---can anyone offer advice on where to go for quality components?


My car is a '99 Legacy Outback 2.5L with 230,000 miles. I have found components kits on RockAuto.com and eBay ranging in price from $150 to almost $400. I understand OEM quality components are desirable, but I don't know who the OEM manufacturer(s) are. Also, I wonder if it's overkill for me to worry about OEM with an older car. I don't know about the reputations of the various aftermarket manufacturers. Can you suggest a reasonable plan of attack, brands you trust, or a preferred online vendor?



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I'd find out what your cylinder misfire is before dumping money into timing belt.

If it's a burnt exhaust valve, are you going to repair it?


Yes, OEM is overkill and over priced. Gates kits from Amazon or Rockauto for like $125.

Water pump gasket and thermostat should be Subaru only, the aftermarkets are visibly and notable whimpy.

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@grossgary, yeah you're right, I do want to wait for diagnosis before purchasing. A friend has compression test equipment, so hopefully can get a better idea what's going on tonight or tomorrow. I got more hopeful that it wasn't burned valves based on Fairtax4me's comments---we'll see though...


Glad to know that the priciest timing kit isn't necessarily needed.

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