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Upgrades/fixes to go along with Weber swap

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Got the weber swap done and car is running. Been driving it for a couple days and it is much quicker in the lower end and a hell of a lot louder ;) idles good and runs smooth other than a sort of "flat spot" when giving it more throttle, almost as if its shorted on fuel or air? I also think the timing could use some adjusting but I can't advance the disty anymore because of a port and hose coming out of the intake manifold, into the block. (This is an EA81 motor with a weber on a EA82 intake manifold). But thinking I can remove and block that hose to get the timing dialed.



So my question to the board is; what would you do to this setup to give it just that much more power/response/smoothness? Cap and rotor? Coil? Btw it's a 1982 GL 4x4. Thank you!

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EA71 from understanding have the same diameter pistons as the ea81 but are a little longer giving higher compression ratio that will give you more power

after i put a weber on my 83 brat I took off everything i didnt need and that was that.

For awhile i was toying with the thought of a carbon fiber intake manifold set up with dual weber ICT 34's  that would be radical Don't know how it would effect performance but it would sure be a neat trick

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On your "flat spot" when you give it the gas, you might try a adjustable, inline fuel pressure regulator and dial it way down. I had my fpr dialed down to 2.5lbs before the hesitation on acceleration went away. The Weber was just getting too much gas.

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With the coolant outlet on the thermostat housing going to the top of the block, you can use a piece of copper tube and two small lengths of hose to go around the dizzy. Worked for me even with the SPFI dizzy that was much larger than the stock one.


Also you can pull up the dizzy and turn the shaft a cog or two and this will allow you extra space for timing.


Flat spot?  tried advancing to say 10 degrees?  was the weber new?  I wonder if the second throat is coming in at the right moment?


Running well at other revs means likely leads and plugs etc are ok.  By the way, when I recently purchased my 38/38 synchronic weber  for my EA81 I also got a filter pod for remote cold intake.  Worth considering as per the noise. It fits a 32/36 also.




you can just see the copper tube in this pic.




stock manifold at the rear, SPFI manifold at the front with the copper tube in place.





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