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1982 Brat $350=score


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Found this on craigslist yesterday and couldn't resist going and getting it. Even with the supposedly bad motor it was still worth getting it. Once i got back home with a fresh battery and a little cranking she fired right up and ran fine.


even has a skid plate :wub:



seats are reupholstered


wood shifter



 Factory cruise control in orange along with cluster





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Here goes the story on it since i was too tired to type it last night. Bought it from guy who was selling it for his father since he has dementia so can't drive anymore. The father has owned the brat for 15-20 years and has used it on his peach farm to pick the fruit because the bed is the perfect height. The brat was supposed to be smoking really bad so it was brought to a shop to get worked on and the mechanic said it needed a new motor or the motor rebuilt. I'm not sure of this but i think the mechanic wanted to drive it or sell it to make money on it because she runs and idles great. Only 143k on speedometer. Once i ran her for awhile on the farm she started to heat up so i stopped to wash her and let the engine cool so i could check the coolant. After cooled down i checked and saw nothing so put some anti freeze and water in the radiator. When it was almost full it started leaking on the side from a torn out or popped out plug which is screwed a bolt into to plug it since it has a rubber seal.


The guys brother gave the title and keys to the mechanic with out telling him so i have a bill of sale now along with current registration. Luckily i have a pocket full of keys and it turns out my hatch back has the same key :D. Now i'm just waiting for the title before i do a lot to it so i don't waste time and money, but i'm sure i will get the title and keys the guy was really nice and wanted it to go to a good home. I have all the parts to make it look even better and really want to start on it just really need the title to fully commit.



  • fix third eye.
  • put stock radio back or a good radio since it has already been taken out.
  • re-under coat bed and fix wheel well dents.
  • dash cover
  • clean interior
  • replaced broken lenses
  • fix electrical issues. gas gauge doesn't work, replace some bulbs, third eye motor ran continuously until i cut the wire for it.
  • do a oil change and new antifreeze since its mostly water right now.
  • make a permanent fix for the radiator leak
  • replaced drivers side front wheel bearing
  • adjust tailgate handle
  • fix ac
  • put on all missing trim
  • wax and polish
  • of coarse im going to run her around some this summer i thought i was going to get a full project so i might sell her some time soon.
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hE WANTED A 1000 FOR THE  brat 2 months AGO,  considering the brushguard is worth 200.. you got a Brat for 150.00


By the way I heard years ago that every 26 Subaru brats(gls) have the same key........as I had a hatch and a brat with the same key also

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hE WANTED A 1000 FOR THE  brat 2 months AGO,  considering the brushguard is worth 200.. you got a Brat for 150.00


By the way I heard years ago that every 26 Subaru brats(gls) have the same key........as I had a hatch and a brat with the same key also

I remember it being on craigslist too, then it disappeared for awhile. When it was first posted he wanted $1500 for it not running so no one wanted it considering how the ad made the engine sound bad. I think the key thing you heard about is right. Another time my dad and i where at home depot unlocking and getting in are 3rd gen sliver wagon when we find out its not our car.

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Got insurance on it and have been driving around town today with it and my dad. Also we went to put gas in at the gas station and the guy at the pump asked "what type of subaru is it". Of coarse i replyed it's a brat. The tank must of been full since we only got 6 bucks into it before the pump kicked off.

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nice score!!! all you need now is the jump seats

I have 5 sets of them 3 of them are reserved for other projects in the works. I think i will leave them out for now but will offer a set when i sell her since there are mixed fillings on the seats. On the other hand i think it would look awesome with the jump seats in the back with a roll bar like my 85 so that is a possibility.

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Nice find!


Is that standard switch/button for the cruise? On the Gen2s?

I think this style was just for the years they came with orange clusters and lettering. On the turbo wagon i had there was another switch on the other side of the column along with one in spot where the center passing lamp would go.

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Been busy working on the nursery had 3 semi's come in this week so have been tired but still managed to get some stuff done on  this.




after some some hard hits

10489955_483966468405163_99814586242419510492568_483967538405056_508627375451810replaced lens

10463938_483968371738306_80742980307404710489869_483968608404949_659137288104186replaced with out without a huge junk missing

10418522_483968781738265_885940839251071took the side step door off since it was bent and put on another step side for the divers side which is also missing the door.

10470928_483970145071462_613458881585160dirty factory skid plate

10553351_483970488404761_62109961060042910534530_483971165071360_304355606130494factory mounting

10488026_483971278404682_219130251333587my quick fix i did to stop the radiator from leaking while still on so i could move the brat with out coolant spraying everywhere


934749_483971651737978_4460055874496122710461983_483971791737964_460752168032976power washed

10552455_483971925071284_91760000265789910485899_483972261737917_506179169329282bolt cut down to use as the plug even a subaru bolt


pipe dope on

10385395_483973018404508_30228651104348310522415_483973088404501_192037190881279rewiring the passing lamp


Bad previous wiring(hack) job? And apparently for no reason too.

10562998_483973395071137_648586666954294light working

10514512_483973601737783_572127332429405sorting the mess out


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Factory mounting for the brush guard is more than what i thought it was will add a some more support to my hatch some time.

10491235_483974148404395_10217984529592410527293_483974295071047_85902311135270810532876_483974595071017_736619346966222Passing lamp switch re-assembled after it fell apart i used a ice pick to get it back together and epoxy to make it stay together.

10561726_483974808404329_633499611019839And it works flawlessly

65937_483974991737644_72637835565585995410511358_483975355070941_68442083841974510500282_483975525070924_666210405308515Fans and temp sensor wired back in

10556511_483975628404247_675184014819746Glad i changed the oil and filter

10516826_483976161737527_368844083845962changing antenna

10559895_483976405070836_23268952379717410530691_483976571737486_496585664055601Replaced the wiper motor


The later style passenger side antenna fits.


Began redoing the stereo system.

10562989_483978101737333_61974164106363810389139_483978198403990_462158114145971Got the dash lights to work.




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The console wash already cut so i was like screw it im putting this in. I need to make a backing plate and a adapter plate but it works the way it is.



Took the front in apart and repacked the drivers side bearings if you didn't know this yet its a HUGE PAIN IN THE rump roast.



piston refused to go in so it resulted in this


Then i went onto the trailer wiring problem.


Cut down and wrapped.

10489843_486568174811659_611545817552781funky wiring coming out

10395166_486568518144958_314070707332157wired in with butt connectors


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