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Uno - My First

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On 8/26/2019 at 1:17 AM, el_freddo said:

So this build/ride thread has become an advertising ground for your YouTube channel? 


Nothing has really broken on the UNO. I still daily drive it and am closing in on 200,000 original miles. But I still incorporate it into my activities, my main one being paramotoring. In a review on a cool electric folding paramotor, I wanted to animate it something akin to an Ironman suiting up scene but copying the sounds used in the movie would be a no no (and youtube copyright strike).  I decide to use the sound of the automatic seatbelts in UNO in the clip. See if you can regonize the sound. It is in the beginning so if you absolutely hate paramotoring, flying and adventures in the air, you can quickly shut off the screen. :)



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