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Manual trans input shaft seal replacement

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So im trying to replace my manual transmission input shaft seal, and after removing the 3 bolts ive been unable to remove the plate. I cant find anything on it in my manual. 


Its a 5 speed manual dual range trans out of an 87 gl wagon. 


IVe got it about an inch out, but it doesnt seem to be a plate like i thought before its more of a shaft with an oring... im confused, and since i have no guide to go off of.... i need help!

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Should have researched before pulling things apart.  You cannot replace the Input seal on a Dual Range, or any 5spd subaru trans.....without spliting the case.


Now, you've seperated the Dual range gear synchro/collar set.


You will have to open the case to reset the Dual range pieces of the input shaft.



A quick search of the subject will bring you to my writeup on front seal replacement.  It's for a Single range AWD, but the basics are the same.  Notably, you will need to loosen the reverse lockout cylinder to get access to the lockbolt for the shift selector.  Other than that the "splitting" process is the same.


Oh yeah....you will also need to remove the rod along the side of the case for the D/R, and pop the pin out of the lever above the front diff so the case half can slide over the hi/lo selector.

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So....You got the box open and the synchro is shot???


if all you did was disassemble it.....you should be able to reassemble the D/R shift collar and synchro.


 I can probably post a schematic of the input shaft if you need a visual reference to reassemble.


Got any pictures???

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Well, when fiddling with it trying to take it apart i tried shoving it back in. ( i know stupid ) And the synchro for the high low got partially sheered. So now im trying to find a replacement. 


I got the halves apart now after viewing your walkthrough. I just need to order the parts, and figure out where i can get a synchro.

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Well, good news is the damage to it isint that bad... my uncle is a machinist and he seems to think after cleaning up some of the surfaces it should still work. Since im not going to be using the high low often if at all, at this point in time. It should only effect the longevity of the part. Which if i dont use it... Wont be an issue. IF its not too much trouble the part number would be great to have to future reference! I asked a local subaru parts department/ dealership about it and they said they dont make them anymore. (assuming we were both on the same page) But it doesnt surprise me that they wouldn't make anymore OEM.


Anyways, thanks. Ill take a picture of it before i put it back in. And ill post here what happens. Wish me luck! :D

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