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Vehicle died. Gifted a 1990 Legacy. I'm new to Subaru.

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We were gifted a 1990 Subaru Legacy for our family of 3. The previous owner said it overheated and leaked radiator fluid and didn't want to drive it. I checked it, replaced the $5 leaking radiator hose. Ta da! No overheating problem!


Passes emissions.

Drives smoothly.

Passes Utah's safety check.

Tires good.

Ac/heat good.


Fast forward some months...


I now have a check engine light that came on. I followed the directions here with success:




It runs codes 15, 24, and 35:


15:Fuel injector #2 inoperative (Abnormal signal emitted from monitor circuit)


24:Air control valve inoperative (Abnormal signal produced in monitor circuit)


35: Canister purge solenoid valve. Solenoid valve inoperative


I have no idea what these mean, or if I need to worry about them.


Anyone more experienced with this sort of diagnostic?


Thanks so much!



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Those are three comon codes that are easy to fix.

I would start with the injector, these are a comon failure on these cars. You can buy just one and replace it, thats a fairly simple process. Or you can buy a used fuel rail and just pull the rail on that side and replace it, both methods are on here and both are simple fixes


Air control valve probably needs to be cleaned. info on here about how to do this as well also fairly simple.


Canister purge valve isnt a big deal unless you have to pass emissions. the valve itself is most likely the problem, one bolt, one connector and a couple vac lines. Its like a five minuet job, its located under the intake on the passenger side follow the lines from the canister and you'll find it. The valve should cost about $5 at pull and save.

I have a good one I'll send you with pics of location for $10 shipped

I also have a full set of auto injectors for your car as well

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90 has an odd Air control valve that's kind of flaky and they're known to fail.

Check the injector plug to make sure it's plugged in all the way first. Also check for dirt/corrosion inside the plug. A bad injector will change the way the engine runs and throw off idle control feedback to the ECU, so figure out the injector first then move on to other things.


Cylinder layout:




Front of car



The evap solenoid isn't really necessary (make that a low priority) but if you want the light out pop a used one on it and that should be taken care of.

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Thanks a ton! Any advice, ideas, and offered parts are appreciated. I was mostly concerned if I might do damage to the car by continuing to drive it, or if it might be dangerous to do so.

Mikaleda, do you have your own shop or do you just have spare parts? (I have several Toyota pickup spare parts around lol)

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