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I thought I posted this already but FF must have crashed first and lost it.


I have a 95 Legacy with cyl 3-4 not firing.  I ahve a spare coil and igniter from another wrecked car to swap in.


My question is if a bad igniter can damage a good coil.  If the igniter is shorted on would that burn out the coil primary winding?


Am I better off to change both?


I could do the light bulb test on the coil primary but this needs to be done by my son in another state and he may not have the resources to do that.



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Not likely to damage anything short term but if left that way for a long time, yes it could potentially burn the coil out. Especially if its an old coil that could be fatigued already.

If you have both, swap the coil and see if that fixes it. If it doesn't fix it, swap the igniter too.

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