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It is a 2000 "Forester S" automatic with 270K miles.


I replace the gasket on the water pump yesterday. After that, I put all the parts that needed to be removed back together to get the engine like it was before this project.


At that point the engine would not start.  The engine will  turn over, so the battery is working.  I pulled off the fuel hose off  the injection tube and turn the key to the start position... At that point, fuel was pushed out, so it seems that the fuel pump is working and the engine is getting fuel.


I checked all the fuses and none of them are broken and all work.  I also charged the battery to insure it was working... it was working and I tried to start it by jumping the battery during the starting try... the engine turned over like normal but it still didn't start.



Am I missing something?


What could I try to solve the issue?



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I took off all the covers and belts and belts tighteners to look at and set the timing... I also watched a video of a guy showing the process and how to do it.. I did it and it is still in the same issue.. it will not start.  It turns over but will not start.


I checked the gas tube after the filter and  gas is there and it flows out when the key it turned on and the tube is being held by hand away from the filter.. I can also here the pump turn on when the key is turned on... still not starting.



Right now, I've got a battery charger on the battery so I can insure that the battery has enough power... I think it does because the starter turns over.  


Any other ideas?


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Did you use a new timing belt?


If not did the timing belt still have the white marks or did you count the teeth?


Did you unplug the crankshaft position senor possible?  (double check and make sure nothing there came lose)

and use the marks not the arrows on the crank pulley. 

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I've tried to answer each topic





"Time to check basics, do you have fuel injection and spark?  Do you have a compression tester?"
--- I have a compressor tester and I'll use it tonight and test the pressure
--- The injectors are working. I put on two new ones a few months ago and was planing the other two after this project.


"Triple check your timing belt timing. Its not uncommon to get it wrong."
----Yesterday, I took off the water pump belt and alternator  belt and then made sure that the camshaft sprockets were in the correct position.  I lined up the camshaft marks and the crankshaft with where they should be  and they were all in the correct position. Then took off the tension adjuster and the timer belt..  AI made sure that all the camshafts stayed where they needed to be and re-installed the timer belt.  The right side camshaft sprocket was about one notch off so I moved it to line up like the other one and the crankshaft.
----Then I put the timing belt back on and all the other covers and parts and other belts and returned it to where it was before I started and where it was designed to be. 
----I tried to start it and it never did. I turned over and lightly fired like it was trying to start.
----The battery is and was working, I charged it and used the charger's "start" process.  Again, it charged all night and this morning the engine still turned and slightly sounded like it could start.  It never turned over like it was "starting" but it had light sounds like it was lightly firing... but never started.


"Triple check your timing belt timing. Its not uncommon to get it wrong."
---I took the belt off and made sure the lines in the camshaft sprockets were pointing at the alignment marks... I was not looking at the "piston position marks"

"did you have the battery disconnected? sometimes a security system can lock you out - try locking/unlocking a coupla times with the remote"
--- Yes, I disconnected it and then I cleand the connectors... I'll do it again today

"Did you check for spark?"
--- No, I think I'll pull out a sparkplug, clean it and hold it in a position where I can watch it spark during a "Start" to see if it sparks.

"Did you use a new timing belt?
If not did the timing belt still have the white marks or did you count the teeth?"
---I used the same timing belt.  There was nothing wrong with it, no cracks or tares or missing parts of it.  It was working before this water pump gasket replacement process.
--- I used the same timing belt... nothing wrong with it.
--- no white marks on it
--- Didn't count the teeth... there were no wearout marks on it.
--- I don't think I unpluged the position sensor... I'd like to see a picture of it so I know what it looks like without having to taking covers and things off again.

"Did you unplug the crankshaft position senor possible?  (double check and make sure nothing there came lose)"

"maybe unplug it and clean it and plug it back in... then test the starting."
---I don't think I unplugged it, but I'm not sure.  I'll have to find out what that part is and looks like, find it and check it out,....

--- Replacing the water pump gasket was the only reason I took off all of the front covers and belts ...to get the pump off, cleaned and re-installed with a new gasket.... there were on other engine issues at that time.
I'm missing something... and I can't find out what it is so I can adjust it.



 --- I must be missing something or using the wrong marks.

----- I'll print out a more clear picture of the front end and go through it again ... or you could find something that I'm missing or doing wrong.

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did you use the 'line' indented on one of the 'tabs' at the rear of the crank sprocket? Or, did you use the 'triangle' (some call it an arrow) at the front of the crank sprocket?


(you MUST use the line. and none of those tabs can be broken off)


the 'tooth count' referred to is the number of teeth between the various pulley index marks. Not a bad idea to use the wrench to turn the system trough 2 revolutions, stop at the cam/crank timing positions, then count the belt teeth between the marks and compare to Subaru numbers.


also, the car could be flooded - if you suspect that, try starting while holding the gas pedal on the floor. That signals the ECU to cut fuel.

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I took off all the covers and the water and alt belts... here are the pics of what is there and how they line up.   I took the fans out and the time belt cover and other parts to get to the area and rotated the time belt so it lines up where I set it up the first time.


I cleaned the battery parts.



Am I missing something?








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Your crank mark is not on. There is a mark on the crank sensor that it should line up with, You have it at one oclock it should be closer to 12 oclock.  Also I can t really tell by the pic but your passenger side cam may be off.

Thanks..  On the crank, I lined it up with the thin line... I thought that was where it was supposed to go... not the sticking out parts at 11, 12 , 1. I'll set it to 12.


As far at the passenger side. I thought it was set in the correct position... I'll adjust it at the same time as the crank adjustment.



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Use the hash mark not the arrows. In that pic of the crank sprocket you can see the Hash mark on the cam sprocket at 1 oclock and on the block case where the crank sensor is there is another hash mark. Line those up, Key way should be close to 6 oclock then.

 Also the belt may look good but while you have it apart put a new Gates brand belt on it.

No need to reassemble everything for a test start, leave the covers, Radiator and the drive belts off. If it starts and runs fine reassemble the rest but do not let it run for more the 30 seconds or so or it can over heat.

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I didn't change the center ring and so I accepted where it was... then I lined up the cams... I thought the center was lined up because the line on the center crank sprocket  was pointing to the tabs behind it... I was not aware that they were at the same point because they are on the crank at the same point and rotate together..


I put the line on the crank sprocket (and the line it was pointing to) at the top so they are both at 12 o'clock... then put the cams to where they should point essentially at noon like the crank. 


I then put it back together and it Started right up.




Thanks again!!!!

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Just to explain the white marks.  On a new timing belt there are white lines that show you where to line up the belt along with an arrow to confirm you put it on the correct way.


Those white lines allow you to make sure you have the proper teeth and tension between the crankshaft and camshafts.  That is there only purpose, but they wear off over time.

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