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I need a rundown for wheel bearing replacement

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Before jacking up the car ... use said car to buy the parts.    You know there are 2 bearings per wheel, right?    New seals, grease, special tools.

     What size is your axle nut and how do you plan on breaking that loose?

Good time to rebuild calipers.   New pads?   Tie rods?   Flush brake system.

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Good luck with the wheel bearing I have had some issues with axle stubs sticking into  the rear axle. Had to have a shop torch the dam thing apart haha I laughed at the guy as he tried to grind the dam thing apart. Trust me when I say I tried everything to get it apart.


Hope this never happens to you.


its not too bad of a process but these old cars drivetrains corrode a lot making simple things tough.


Good luck. 

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